JEA Landlord Agreement Program Adding and Removing Addresses


Account Name 

Account Number 

Requestor's Name 

Add Address(es) (Include all addresses you want to add)   

Remove Address(es) (Include all addresses you want to remove. Once an address is removed from JEA-LAP, the address will not be added back to the JEA-LAP for a period of twelve (12) months.) 

Please note, we are not able to add/remove addresses for a future date. The addresses are added or removed as of the date our JEA Business Support Center process the request. 

When an address is added to your landlord agreement, it will automatically start under your account on the date that the tenant stops service. Receive notification when services are started or stopped on your JEA landlord account by registering for alerts in the Alert Preference Center


If you have a substantial amount of addresses, please email them to


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