Landlord Agreement Program

JEA’s Landlord Agreement is designed to make the transition between tenants easier for you and your new tenant. Find out if you qualify.

Enjoy the Benefits 

  • Exemption from service connection fees 
  • Continuation of utility services with the exception of severance for non-payment
  • Prevents the need of calling JEA to turn on power 
  • Allows Management Staff to get an apartment unit ready in a shorter time period 
  • Utility service available for cleaning, maintenance and unit preparations at your convenience 
  • Simplified accounting, auditing and monitoring using a detailed statement
  • Receive notification when services are started or stopped on your JEA landlord account by registering for alerts in the Alert Preference Center  

Please notify JEA when buying or selling property so it may be added or deleted from the Landlord Agreement Program.

Sign up to participate in the JEA Landlord Agreement Program

How the Landlord Agreement Program Works

  1. The customer contacts the Business Support Center at (904) 665-6250 or emails to express interest in the Landlord Agreement Program. Your established account will serve as the account to house all of your service agreements. (A minimum of five (5) premises required for Landlord agreements.) There is no limit to the number of service agreements that can be added to the program. Once we’ve received your signed application for the program, we will assign you a Landlord number. 
  2. When a bill is generated on your account, it will contain the total amount due for all service addresses that have rolled into your name during that billing period. A detailed statement will be attached, which lists the charges for each individual service agreement. 
  3. Sign up for start/stop alerts at the Alert Preference Center
  4. All billing inquiries should be directed to the Business Support Center at (904) 665-6250 or

Note: If you wish to terminate your Landlord Agreement, or portions thereof, a written request must be received.

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