JEA Landlord Agreement Program Form

The JEA Landlord Agreement Program [JEA-LAP] saves money, time, and effort.  The [JEA-LAP] allows landlords to efficiently manage utility connects and disconnects across multiple rental units.

For participation in the JEA Landlord Agreement Program [JEA-LAP], please read and agree to the following terms and conditions. 

  • One existing JEA account must be designated as the [JEA-LAP] account. Customer shall have a minimum of five (5) residential premises on [JEA-LAP]. Commercial premises are not eligible at this time.
  • The connect charges associated with turning on service under the [JEA-LAP] will be waived for the [JEA-LAP] account. 
  • All apartment numbers associated with the main complex address must participate in the [JEA-LAP]. Individual apartments cannot be removed from the [JEA-LAP]. 
  • Good credit history shall be maintained for the duration of the customers' participation on the [JEA-LAP]. Failure to maintain good credit history may result in customer being dropped from [JEA-LAP]. 
  • Landlord shall be responsible for all active service agreements under [JEA-LAP] until a tenant activates service and assumes responsibility for the service agreement. 
  • Premises may not be stopped while on the [JEA-LAP] with the exception of severance for non-payment by the tenant.
  • If service is disconnected to the [JEA-LAP] account and associated service agreements because of nonpayment, participation in the [JEA-LAP] may be terminated. 
  • If participation in the [JEA-LAP] is terminated for any reason by either JEA or Landlord, participation will be disallowed for a period of twelve (12) months.
  • It is recommended for the [JEA-LAP] account to sign up for start/stop alerts on our website, JEA alert preference center to receive notifications when services are started/stopped under the [JEA-LAP] account. 


Customer Information for JEA Landlord Agreement Program [JEA-LAP].

Applicant must be the owner/partner, authorized agent for JEA account, or corporate office responsible for payment of billings.

The undersigned party/parties desires to be placed on the JEA Landlord Agreement Program [JEA-LAP]. The undersigned agrees to be responsible for any and all current consumption used in the intervals between rental tenants. Electric service will be left available at all times for use of the tenant or rental agent under this agreement. It will be the responsibility of the apartment complex management to ensure that the new tenants make application for service.


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