Reference Materials for Water and Wastewater Development Projects

Our Reference Material Center contains useful information to help anyone who is planning and installing water, wastewater or reclaimed water utility services.

Water and Wastewater Design Guidelines

Development Project-Water/Wastewater/Reclaim Design Guidelines-2022 Summary of Changes(PDF)
Development Project - Water/Wastewater/Reclaim Design Guidelines (PDF)
Development Project - Water/Wastewater/Reclaim Inspection Guidelines (PDF)
Wastewater Flow Meter Design Guidelines (PDF)

Rules and Regulations

Water, Wastewater and Reclaim Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Water and Wastewater Standards Manuals

Water and Wastewater Standards

Master Material Catalogs

Water and Wastewater Material Catalog (PDF)

Wastewater Meter

Wastewater Flow Metering Process Checklist
Wastewater Flow Meter Annual Calibration Requirements FAQs
Wastewater Meter Installation Steps



The Future of Planning and Development

JEA is implementing a cloud-based solution for our water and wastewater planning and development team, eliminating paper plans while maintaining digital files for our records. 

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