Refrigeration Rebates for Businesses

Investsmart with JEA rebates are available for high efficiency measures that can keep your refrigeration equipment operating more efficiently. Inspecting and maintaining your existing equipment, replacing worn door gaskets and strip curtains, installing an auto door closer on your walk-in cooler/freezer or installing EC motors can generate big savings and reduce energy waste. Other refrigeration measure rebates are available as listed in the Refrigeration Solutions Equipment Catalog. 

The incentives are available for commercial customers who purchase qualifying refrigeration technologies, helping to offset your initial cost of the investment. Rebates may be capped at 90% for gaskets and door closers only with a buy down to less than one year.

Get Started

  1. Review the Refrigeration Solutions Equipment Catalog for rebate details and eligibility.
  2. Choose a contractor to complete your efficiency upgrade. We recommend that you select one of our qualified  InvestSmart with JEA contractors and get 2-3 quotes before making your selection.
  3. Submit your completed Rebate Application and required documents to  

Examples of Qualifying Measures  

  • Anti-sweat heater controls
  • Door gaskets
  • High-efficiency doors
  • Night covers
  • Strip curtains
  • Door auto-closers 
  • Electronically Commutated Motors

For more information about InvestSmart with JEA, please contact us: