Case Study: JET Sales Solutions

JET Sales Solution Team
JET Sales Solutions works toward sustainability goal with the help of JEA rebate programs.

JET Sales Solutions is a Florida-based specialty distributor of packaging supplies, janitorial and safety supplies, labels and equipment to a diverse customer base, including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and Publix. The company also provides screen printing, a service that requires a clean environment to conduct – something that JET Sales has struggled with due to the use of propane-powered warehouse equipment in other parts of its business.

Founded in 2015, JET Sales now has two leased locations and has set a company goal of becoming a green business. Working with their leasing company, JET Sales decided to participate in JEA’s Electrification Rebate Program and Business Rebates Program to meet their goal and become an eco-friendly business.

“We want to be a responsible steward of the environment, but efficiency upgrades to our operation must also make financial sense,” said Jason Bean, CEO and President of JET Sales Solutions. “JEA’s rebate programs helped us make the business case.”


The CEO of JET Sales Solutions shares how two JEA incentive programs reduced its utility bills by saving energy and water.

With the help of the Electrification Rebate Program, JET Sales replaced one of their propane-powered forklifts with an all-electric version. Due to the change to electric, the JET Sales facility now has notably less soot in the warehouse, resulting in easier housekeeping, better air quality for their employees and lower equipment maintenance costs.

“JEA’s outreach team has been instrumental in our decision-making process,” Jason said. “Their staff assisted our team in understanding the full financial and environmental benefits of moving from LP forklifts to electric. The program was such a success we have continued working with them to make additional upgrades.”

JET Sales also took advantage of JEA’s Business Rebates Program to make water and lighting efficiency upgrades throughout their facility. They worked with their property manager to develop a plan for sharing upgrade costs, making the energy upgrades a win–win for both businesses. The business rebates helped cover the cost of replacing 50 metal halides, adding 22 occupancy sensors and upgrading to seven efficient toilets and six sink faucets. The results of these upgrades have yielded better visibility and a cooler warehouse for employees, as well as an average savings of $200 per month on their utility bill.

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JET Sales Solutions works toward sustainability goal with the help of rebate programs from JEA.

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