Case Study: Compressed Air and Lighting

InvestSmart with JEA provides incentives for JEA’s business customers who purchase and install eligible high-efficiency energy conservation measures.

Saving 189,249 kWh Per Year on Energy

Laminations, part of the specialty division of Great Northern Corporation, is an innovative leader in manufacturing laminated paperboard products for shipping, packaging and warehousing. Chris Sauceda is the Plant Manager for Laminations Southeast, which has operated in Jacksonville for the past 14 years, and has 25 employees on staff.

Chris was the catalyst for the custom compressed air and lighting projects recently completed in the Jacksonville plant. He was researching opportunities for energy savings when he came across the InvestSmart with JEA custom program, which could help him replace the old noisy air compressor which generated a lot of excess heat with a newer, more efficient model by providing a rebate to help cover the cost. The program also provides lighting rebates that encouraged Chris to embark on a lighting upgrade as well. A JEA Account Representative educated him about all the facets of the program and walked him through the rebate application process.

Chris was encouraged to InvestSmart with JEA when he learned that he could have high-efficiency equipment installed which would reduce annual energy consumption and receive a cash incentive to buy down a portion of the cost of the new equipment. The decision was easy for Chris who noted, “In addition to the energy savings, the new air compressor is much quieter and generates a lot less heat.” The new lighting is not only more efficient, but it provides better illumination for our employees. “The upgrades have improved the physical environment of the plant,” Chris explains.

Project Great Northern Corporation / Laminations Southeast
Customer Chris Sauceda, Plant Manager Laminations Southeast
Measures Compressed Air and Lighting
Annual Energy Savings Compressed Air: 100,000 kWh/year
Lighting: 89,249 kWh/year
Project Implementation Cost Compressed Air: $22,413 after $9,982 rebate
Lighting: $32,889 after $3,760 rebate
Simple Payback Compressed Air: 1.8 years
Lighting: 4.5 years

The Results

Chris had the old 60 Hp modulation air compressor from the manufacturing facility replaced with a new 60 Hp variable frequency drive (VFD) air compressor and receiver tank. Local distributor Air Centers of Florida Inc. supplied the Ingersoll Rand NIRVANA system, which typically uses about 22 percent less energy than conventional compressors. Adding to the savings, a NIRVANA system requires fewer parts and less maintenance than other compressors.

The air compressor upgrades will result in a total estimated energy savings of 100,000 kWh per year. The project implementation cost was $22,413 and Chris will see a simple payback in just under two years. Chris also had the outdated and inefficient 400 watt metal halide lights replaced with more efficient four lamp T8 fluorescent highbays, which resulted in a savings of 89,249 (kWh per year and cost $32,889 after the $3,760 rebate. He will see a payback in 4.5 years for the lighting portion of the project.

When asked about the program, Chris said, “This project was seamless and we were very satisfied with the process. The rebate amount was significant and overall it was a good bang for our buck when you factor in the savings we will see.”

Whether you plan to install high-efficiency lighting or embark on a more complex project, there are incentives available to enhance your energy- saving potential. For more information about commercial lighting rebates, please contact us:

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