Preferred Backflow Vendors

JEA’s preferred vendor list is offered to customers for their convenience in choosing a vendor who meets our requirements to test backflow preventers. We do not recommend one vendor over another.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Backflow Prevention Vendor

  • What do they charge for the annual test?
  • When can they can come and do the test?
  • Do they have a business license and insurance?
  • Have they received their certification from a nationally recognized or state certification agency?
  • Do they have a list of references or a list of satisfied customers?
  • Does the company abide by and have a signed a Code of Conduct with JEA?

If an assembly fails the test, it will need to be repaired or replaced and retested. Assemblies are designed to last many years, and they often can be repaired inexpensively. Sometimes all the assembly needs is a good cleaning. The repair on small assemblies normally does not take more than one extra hour of labor.

Non-residential backflow preventers are required to be tested annually. Residential backflow preventers are required to be tested once every two years. Whether or not you receive a courtesy reminder from JEA, you need to contract to have your backflow preventers tested before the due date. Be sure to have the test done early and don’t wait until the end of the month. Many customers wait until the last minute and testers are very busy trying to meet the deadline.

Preferred General Backflow Prevention Assembly Vendors 


Vendor Phone Type
Absolute Backflow (904) 451-4271 General
Aegis Fire Protection (904) 215-9669 Fire Sprinkler Systems
All Weather Contractors (904) 781-7060  General
American Backflow & Fire Services (877) 393-5544 General
Big City Irrigation (904) 500-2489 General
Bill Fenwick Plumbing (904) 724-7022 General
Blue Flame Fire Protection (904) 813-7113 Fire Sprinkler Systems
Bluewater Backflow Services (904) 424-1804 General
Bob's Backflow & Plumbing Services* (904) 268-8009 General
Cintas Fire Protection (904) 562-7000 Fire Sprinkler Systems
Cox Fire Protection (904) 781-8227  Fire Sprinkler Systems
Dolphin Backflow (904) 269-5489 General
D.R. Leach Irrigation/Southern Scapes (904) 529-1266 Irrigation Systems
Fire Sprinkler Services (904) 734-3220 Fire Sprinkler Systems
Florascape Irrigation (904) 646-4556 Irrigation Systems
Fortitude Fire Protection
(904) 733-9008 Fire Sprinkler Systems
Metro Rooter (904) 695-1911 General
Nolan Plumbing (904) 783-4321 Irrigation Systems
Pine Enterprises (770) 614-9664 General
Protective Systems (904) 396-2866 General
Quick Response Fire Protection (407) 469-2134 General
Simplex Grinnell (904) 486-1200 Fire Sprinkler Systems
Star Fire Sprinklers (904) 384-1066 General
Sunshine State Plumbing (904) 262-1066 General
Touchton Plumbing Contractors (904) 389-9299 General
Triple S Fire Protection (904) 378-3449 Fire Sprinkler Systems
Turner Plumbing (904) 396-7044 General
 Wayne Automatic Fire (904) 268-3030 
W.W. Gay Mechanical (904) 545-7401 General
W.W. Gay Fire Protection (904) 394-5691 Fire Sprinkler Systems

*Contracted vendors for JEA's Residential Backflow Preventer Checkup Program.