Lighting Rebates for Businesses

InvestSmart with JEA offers rebates for qualifying lighting equipment and energy efficiency improvements which will reduce your energy use for years to come. Lighting often accounts for 40 to 70 percent of a building’s energy use. Improving your facility's lighting is one of the most cost-effective steps that you can take.

The incentives are available for commercial customers who purchase lighting equipment that will be installed as part of a new construction or retrofit project. Rebates are designed to help offset the initial cost for businesses who invest in energy efficiency upgrades.

Lighting in church sanctuary

Get Started

  1. Review the Lighting Equipment Catalog for rebate details and eligibility.
  2. Contact us to request a lighting workbook to submit prior to installation.
  3. Choose a contractor to complete your efficiency upgrade. We recommend that you select one of our qualified InvestSmart with JEA contractors and get 2-3 quotes before making your selection.
  4. Submit post-installation lighting workbook and required documents to

Examples of Qualifying Lighting Measures

  • T12 to T8/T5 lamp retrofits and LED fixtures
  • Premium efficiency electronic lighting ballasts
  • Ceramic metal halide lamp
  • Incandescent to hardwired compact fluorescent  

Contact us for more information about commercial lighting solutions.