Commercial Backflow Requirements

The City of Jacksonville and JEA both require that all commercial water services require a backflow preventer device unless specifically exempted.

  1. The City of Jacksonville Building Inspection Division requires the installation of backflow preventers on all commercial fire sprinkler service lines, irrigation lines and potable (domestic) water lines.
  2. JEA’s Cross Connection Control Policy requires the installation, maintenance and annual testing of backflow preventers on all commercial fire sprinkler service lines, irrigation lines and potable (domestic) water lines.

Approved Backflow Preventers for Commercial Customers

In most cases, commercial customers must have a reduced pressure backflow preventer assembly installed. In the case of fire sprinkler lines where pressure is a factor, a double-check assembly may be installed – unless there is a retention pond or well on site that holds water for more than 24 hours or the property’s structures are three or more stories and use a booster pump. In those cases, the customer must install a reduced pressure backflow preventer.

A commercial customer with a double-check backflow preventer installed on potable drinking water lines is not in compliance. Double-check assemblies installed on high-risk commercial, multi-family and public school water services must be replaced with reduced pressure backflow preventers to be in compliance with state regulations. 

Examples of high-risk applications include, but are not limited to, medical and dental facilities, lift stations, food service and processing, mortuaries, residential care facilities, manufacturing and industrial facilities and properties with an auxiliary source of water. 

Double check preventers on irrigation lines can remain in service until they cannot be repaired unless JEA determines that there is a present risk to the drinking supply and that a reduced pressure preventer is required.


Backflow preventers are required to be installed on the customer’s property within 10 feet of the JEA meter and in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions for the specific application. Any variance from installation requirements must receive prior approval from JEA.

Commercial Premises 

The State of Florida requires that most commercial premises install and maintain a reduced backflow preventer unless the business requests and receives an exemption from JEA. Please see JEA’s Rules and Regulations for more information.