MyWay Pay-As-You-Go Billing

JEA MyWay is just like putting gas in your car. JEA MyWay lets you buy the utility service you need for the utilities you’re about to use. Customers who participate in prepaid utility programs like JEA MyWay tend to reduce their consumption because they are more aware of how they are using their utilities.  

  • Pay as little or as much as you wish, whenever you want. 
  • No late fees or deposit required.
  • No reconnection fees for electric service.*
  • No credit check.
  • No prepaid fees or charges.
  • No more surprises on your monthly bill. 

*Reconnection fees may apply for water service.

JEA MyWay is a great option for anyone, especially those who do not like to pay for utility services monthly. It’s also good for college students, those who travel a lot, or environmentally conscious consumers who like to keep their consumption in mind. It’s especially good for someone who wants to avoid a deposit.

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Make the Switch to JEA MyWay

If you have an existing JEA account and wish to switch to MyWay, we can help! Visit us in person at our Downtown Customer Care Center or call us and speak to a representative. You will need about 30 minutes to complete the process. 

If you have an existing deposit, it will be credited to your account and any remainder will go toward your new MyWay account. That way your money can go to work for you right away. If you have an outstanding balance you might need to pay it down before you can join the program. 

At this time, net metering customers are not eligible to enroll in the JEA MyWay Program.

Return to Traditional Billing if it Doesn't Work Out

If you want to return to traditional services, no problem. Just speak to a JEA customer care representative. You may be required to pay a deposit before the switch is made. 

How Does JEA MyWay Work?

You will not receive a monthly bill. When you sign up for MyWay, you are automatically given a account. A username and password is provided upon enrollment. When money is added to the account, service is automatically turned on. If the account runs out of money, your service is automatically turned off. 

Through your account or the MyUsage mobile app, you can: 

  • View the estimated days left of your account balance 
  • View how much energy and water you’ve used
  • View how much money is left in your account
  • Receive updated account balance every day (via email, text, or phone – your choice)
  • Receive alerts when your account funds are low so you know to add money

Adding Money to Your JEA MyWay Account

Negative Balances

When you check your JEA MyWay account balance online, you may see something like this: -$2.33 or ($2.33). The negative symbol and the parenthesis both mean you have money in your account (a credit) to pay for your electric and water services.

Sign Up for Alerts

You can set-up and update your alert settings 24 hours a day at

  • To add a second phone number, text or email address alert, click on "Settings", "Change Settings" and add your new alert. Be sure and click "Add" when done.
  • To change the amount of your Low Balance Alert, click “Settings”, “Change Settings” and enter a new dollar amount. Click on “Change ” when done.
  • To change the phone number, text or email address you use for alerts, click on “Settings”. Click on "Delete" to remove each alert that you no longer wish to receive alerts to. Click on "Change Settings" to add the new phone number, text or email address.  Click "Change" when done.  Next you will need to attach each alert to the phone number, text or email address you've added. Click "Add Alert" then click the circle next to the alert you want the updated phone number, text or email address to go to.  Click "Add". You will only be able to add one alert at a time, so repeat these steps until each alert is set up.

Read the video transcript

Read the video transcript

Read the video transcript

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