Reclaimed Water

Approximately 50 percent of the water delivered to JEA customers is used outside – primarily for irrigation. Customers who use reclaimed water for their irrigation help conserve water drawn from the pristine Floridan aquifer, the source of our local drinking water.

JEA distributes reclaimed water through a completely separate system of purple pipes in order to minimize the possibility of contaminating the public drinking water system. While reclaimed water is highly treated and deemed safe for irrigation, state environmental regulations require that all customers in reclaimed water service areas have a backflow preventer device installed on their potable (domestic) water service to prevent contamination of the public water supply. 

Beginning in the Spring of 2019, JEA will arrange for periodic testing of residential backflow preventers as required by state rules.  Customers with backflow preventers that fail the test will be notified by JEA, and will be responsible for repairing and retesting their backflow preventers.

In addition, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires JEA to conduct periodic inspections of residential reclaimed water systems to protect the public drinking water supply from contamination. The inspector will leave information about this process on the homeowner’s door.

Types of Approved Backflow Preventer Devices for Reclaimed Systems

  • Reduced pressure
  • Double-check valve assembly – may be installed below grade in a meter box for residential applications.

If your system requires repairs or replacement, contact one of JEA's preferred backflow prevention vendors for an estimate.