Circuit 663 Electric Reliability Project

Project Overview

JEA and contractor crews completed work on the large scale electric infrastructure improvement project in your area, installing new electric transmission poles, distribution poles, power lines and facilities. This project consisted of upgrading the existing 6.25-mile long circuit between JEA’s Firestone Road and Hamilton Street Substations (see overall project work area map below). 

This circuit had recently experienced increases to electric generation and service load due to growth in this area since the system was originally built in 1948. The circuit was upgraded and replaced as it had reached the end of its useful service life for providing consistent and reliable service to this area. The upgraded transmission system will improve your overall electric system reliability and prevent future unplanned power outages in this area.

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Shirley Avenue Electric Reliability Project

Jammes Road Electric Reliability Project

Map of the Project Area

Circuit 663 Project Map

Even Better Power Reliability

JEA's state-of-the-art technology identifies customers and neighborhoods in need of electric reliability improvements.

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