Main Street Water Treatment Facility Water and Sewer Improvement Project

Estimated Dates & Work Schedule

Anticipated Start Date: 2020-10-01
Anticipated End Date: 2023-06-30

Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.*

Due to weather impacts and other unforeseen construction challenges, the expected completion date has been extended to June 2023*  

 *Occasional night and weekend work hours may be necessary - 24-hour work will be required during the HDD portion of work. 

Project Objective

The primary purpose of this project is to install a new 36-inch transmission water main from JEA’s Main Street Water Treatment Facility located on N. Main Street to a connection point at the intersection of Beaver Street and Franklin Street near the Jacksonville Fairgrounds at the Sports Complex. These new water lines will connect to existing water transmission lines that will serve customers throughout our service territory creating critical redundancies in our water system.

As part of the work, a contractor will install a 36-inch water main under Arlington Expressway from Albert Street to E. Beaver Street just west of Franklin Street using a trenchless technology referred to as horizontal directional drilling or HDD.

Additionally, JEA will install several new raw water mains that will connect our existing raw water wells located throughout Springfield to our Main Street Water Treatment Facility located on N. Main Street to help bolster water production.

While we are working in these areas, JEA will replace some of the existing water and sanitary sewer lines throughout the project limits. This will increase customer reliability, water pressure and prevent future sewer cave-ins and roadway issues.

Please see the below map for the overall project route and limits. 

Project Scope

The project’s detailed scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the installation of approximately 8,000 linear feet of 36-inch transmission water main, 3,200 linear feet of 30-inch raw water main, 1,200 linear feet of 20-inch raw water main, 4,500 linear feet of 16-inch water main, 1,700 linear of 8-inch water main, 1,100 linear feet of 6-inch water main, 650 linear feet of 8-inch sewer main, and other associated utility work. There is not any storm sewer (drainage) work as a part of this project.  

Project Update - September 2022

  • Currently flushing all new water lines
  • Pressure testing and sampling to begin in November 2022
  • Final paving and striping planned November 2022- January 2023 

Paving Notice - Temporary Road Closure and Detour - February 6-17

A paving contractor working for JEA will be completing final paving of portions of the project area. For the safety of crews and the general public, we will be required to temporarily close and detour traffic on E. 1st Street from N. Main Street to Palmetto Street, Palmetto Street from E. 1st Street to Albert Street and Ionia Street while paving is completed. Please see the work area map below. 

Anticipated Start Date: Monday, February 6, 2023*
Estimated Completion Date: February 17, 2023*
Work Schedule: Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.*

*Dates and times are weather permitting and highly subject to change.

We request that residents within the paving boundaries remove all vehicles, equipment and trash receptacles until the paving operation is complete. Residents in the immediate area will have limited access to their street and driveways during paving operations from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.*Any vehicles left on the street may be towed.

JEA encourages drivers to plan ahead for traffic delays in this area. Residents will have access to their properties and be permitted to drive (with caution) within the project work area. Please observe all construction signs, detours and general directions provided by the crews working on-site.

We appreciate your continued patience during this project, and apologize in advance for any delays caused by this work. 

Paving Area Map E. 1st

Overall Project Area Map

Main St Wells Project

Progress Photos

Main St Progress Photo 12.1.20 (1)


Main St Progress Photo 12.1.20 (2)

Main St Progress Photo 12.1.20 (3)

Construction Conditions

Construction will occur in the City’s streets, rights of way and easements. Motorists will be permitted to  drive (with caution) through the construction area to their homes and businesses during pipe installation. There will be periods when area roads will have limited access or detoured while the contractor is installing the new water and sewer lines. The HDD pipe installation work under Arlington Expressway from Albert Street to E. Beaver Street will not impede traffic along Arlington Expressway.

Sections of driveways may be temporarily blocked and my require temporary removal and replacement to install the new pipe(s). Customers will be notified in advance by crews to allow for removal of vehicles prior to construction in front of driveways.

Restoration of the Project Area

Restoration of the project area will begin after the new water and sewer mains have been installed, tested and cleared for use. Upon completion of the project, any existing pavement, grass, curb, gutter, driveways or sidewalks affected during construction will be returned to its pre-construction condition.