Free Business Efficiency Assessments

  • Prior to arriving at your place of business, a JEA team member will break down your energy consumption into components so they'll know where to look.
  • At your business, our team member will conduct a walk-through inspection (no diagnostic equipment is used) to determine where improvements can be made both in behavior and in new equipment.
  • Upon completion, our team member will be able to offer cost-effective ideas designed to help lower utility costs at your business. If you need a more thorough look at your energy usage, you may wish to consider hiring an independent Energy Auditor.

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Conservation and Efficiency Team
JEA's Conservation and Efficiency Team

Energy Audits

Hiring a local certified energy auditor to conduct an energy audit will give you a thorough picture of where your business is losing the most energy and what you can do to save money on your utility bill. Auditors typically go into great detail to access your energy usage so you can plan your next steps toward being more energy-efficient.

It is a good idea to have a list prepared of existing problems you are aware of, such as condensation or chilly and/or warm rooms. Many auditors will use equipment to identify sources of energy loss on your premises and will analyze your behaviors. Upon completion of their audit, they can provide a ranked list of energy-efficiency and conservation measures for energy improvements as well as the steps necessary to take action.

Be sure to call two or three companies for estimates and check the certifications of the professional you select.

Business Energy Advisor

JEA’s Business Energy Advisor can help you save time, money and energy. It's your source for actionable advice on proven energy management strategies and technologies.

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