Beverly Hills Proposed Septic Tank Phaseout Project

Project Objective

The City of Jacksonville, working in partnership with JEA, is initiating a program to eliminate existing septic tank systems  throughout the City. The intent of this proposed project is to improve the quality of life in the Beverly Hills, Lake Forest Hills and Ribault Manor areas and to reduce the amount of harmful nutrients that often find their way into the St. Johns River and other local waterways.

This program, jointly funded by the City of Jacksonville and JEA, will involve the full installation of sewer pipes, proper abandonment of existing septic system(s), connection to the new sewer system and payment of all associated permits and fees at no cost to the property owner. Once connected to the sewer system, property owners would only be required to pay a monthly JEA sewer bill (in addition to their monthly JEA electric and water bill).

Eligible property owners will receive a letter notifying them that their property is located within the eligible neighborhood and inviting them to an informational town meeting.

70% of Property Owners Must Provide Consent

For the project to move forward, the the City of Jacksonville will require consent of at least 70% of the legal property owners identified within the project limits. If the 70% project approval threshold is met, the City of Jacksonville and JEA will move forward with the project's design, engineering and construction. 

Owner Approval Currently - 0%
Approval Threshold

The Process

These projects will still need to be voted on by the individual neighborhoods, designed/engineered, bid and constructed prior to any connection. The physical connections to the JEA system will be several years away.

Before any work begins, customers residing within identified future Septic Tank Phase Out areas will be contacted directly by the COJ and JEA. We will (by mail) send invitations to an informational neighborhood meeting and send multiple letters outlining the program. We will contact you.

Current Septic Tank Issues

Anyone currently having issues with their septic system is highly encouraged to make the necessary repairs. As mentioned above, any physical connections to the JEA system as part of this program will be several years away.

Town Meetings  

The first town meeting will be held at the Jean Ribault High School auditorium located at 3701 Winton Drive on Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.  A reminder postcard will be mailed to eligible property owners prior to the town meeting.  

Proposed Project Boundary 

The proposed project boundary map shown depicts a preliminary design model only and is highly subject to change. This map is intended to provide a high-level overview of the proposed project boundary based on the current Duval County Health Department’s identified septic tank failure areas. This map is not the official project boundary, and has yet to be finalized. Parcels depicted on this map may or may be included in the final proposed project area.

Future Updates

This page will be updated with more information as the project progresses. We look forward to working with the Beverly Hills, Lake Forest Hills and Ribault Manor communities on this exciting and transformative project opportunity!