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Program Overview

Caring for your yard can be expensive, especially during the summer and when rain isn’t in the forecast. Save on your utility bills with rebates on WaterSense® labeled smart irrigation controllers and multi-stream rotational nozzle heads.

Did you know nearly 50 percent of the water you use to keep your yard green may be wasted? WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controllers can reduce wasteful watering, saving you an average of 15,000 gallons annually.* 

For even more savings, switch to multi-stream rotational nozzle heads. This upgrade can improve water distribution by an average of 45 percent, saving you water and helping your yard stay green.

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Program Details

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Closed Title: What rebates are available?
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  • Multi-stream rotational nozzle: $5 Instant Rebate
  • Up to $150 rebate if you purchase a new WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controller online or from a local retailer - Self-installed. 
  • Up to $250 rebate if you contact a JEA pre-qualified contractor - Contractor-installed. 

*Homes using reclaimed water, or water from a well, lake, pond, etc. for irrigation are not eligible for rebate consideration.

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Closed Title: Who is eligible?
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  • Rebates are available for JEA residential water customers only. 
  • Smart irrigation controller: Only one (1) rebate per product type per premise every seven (7) years.
  • *Homes using reclaimed water, or water from a well, lake, pond, etc. for irrigation are not eligible for rebate consideration.
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Closed Title: How do I receive a rebate?
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Multi-stream rotational nozzle heads

  1. Find a participating retailer.
  2. Select a new WaterSense labeled multi-stream rotational nozzle.
  3. Make your purchase in store at a price that features the JEA instant discount.

WaterSense labeled smart irrigation controllers.

There are two ways to receive rebates on qualifying irrigation controllers: (1) apply online after purchasing online or from a local retailer, or (2) work with a pre-qualified contractor. Homes using reclaimed water, or water from a well, lake, pond, etc. for irrigation are not eligible for rebate consideration. 

Online Application After Purchase
  1. Purchase a new WaterSense labeled Smart Irrigation Controller online or from a local retailer.
  2. Apply online to receive the rebate or download application and email completed application to

Working with a Pre-approved Contractor
  1. Select a pre-qualified contractor.
  2. Schedule an appointment for installation.
  3. Your contractor installs the pre-approved smart irrigation controller and applies the $250 rebate to your invoice and is shown as a JEA discount.



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