Damaged Weatherheads

If you have damage where the electric wires attach to your house, you must get a licensed electrician to make repairs before we can restore power to your house.

Who is responsible?

Service Lines (A), Weatherhead (B), Riser (C), Meter Can (D), Meter (E)

JEA Responsibility 

  • Damaged service lines, whether overhead or underground, up to the point where the lines attach. (A)
  • Damage to the actual meter. (E)
JEA worker attaching electric line

Customer Responsibility

  • Damage to the weatherhead (for houses with overhead lines). (B)
    Note: Any repairs to the weatherhead, riser or the meter can and its contents must be made by a licensed electrician.
  • Damage to the riser (C)
  • Damage to the meter can (the metal case surrounding the meter) (D)

Please call us at (904) 665-6000 should you have any questions.

If repairs are needed to your home or business’s weather head and/or electrical system before you can receive power from JEA, please follow these steps:

  1. Customer hires a licensed electrician, who will take responsibility for the process
  2. A licensed electrician will obtain or have a standing permit from the appropriate County or City building department
  3. A licensed electrician completes the work required
  4. A licensed electrician notifies appropriate county or city building department for final inspection or notification that repairs are complete.
  5. The corresponding building departments will notify JEA to request reconnection.

Notification Process By County Within JEA’s Service Area

Duval County

  • During normal weekday hours (Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.), the electrician reports repairs complete to City of Jacksonville’s Building Inspection Division and JEA.
  • During after hours, the electrician will report directly to JEA and follow up is done through City of Jacksonville’s Building Inspection Division at a future date

    Building Inspection Division
    City of Jacksonville
    214 North Hogan Street
    Jacksonville, Florida 32202
    (904) 255-8503

St. Johns County

  • County notifies JEA on a daily basis that inspections are complete and ready for reconnection

    St. Johns County Building Division
    4040 Lewis Speedway
    St. Augustine, Florida, 32084
    (904) 827-6800

Atlantic Beach, Baldwin, Orange Park and Clay County:

  • The electrician notifies the appropriate jurisdiction that the repairs are complete
  • City or County notifies JEA via email that the inspection is complete

    Atlantic Beach Building Department
    800 Seminole Road
    Atlantic Beach, Florida
    (904) 247-5826

    Town of Baldwin
    10 US Highway West
    Baldwin, Florida 32234
    (904) 266-5031

    Town of Orange Park
    2042 Park Avenue
    Orange Park, Florida 32073
    (904) 264-2635

    Clay County Building Division
    477 Houston Street
    Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043
    (904) 269-6307

Storm Preparation Tip

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