Jacksonville Landing Infrastructure Improvement Project

Estimated Dates & Work Schedule

Anticipated Start Date: 2016-01-04
Anticipated End Date: 2016-03-18

This project has been completed. Below is the information that was provided to customers prior to the project start date. 

Project Update

JEA has completed the rehabilitation of the 54” sewer line as of March 1, 2016. JEA has been working over the past few weeks to return the project area to its pre-construction condition. The final paving of Hogan Street from Water Street to the end of the cul-de-sac will take place from April 12-13, 2016.

Check out articles written by local news sources about the project:

Project Objective

JEA has completed construction to rehabilitate an existing 54-inch sanitary sewer trunk line that has reached the end of its service life. This sewer line is a vital piece of JEA’s sewer infrastructure that serves a large portion of downtown Jacksonville and The Jacksonville Landing.

JEA upgraded the old sewer line with a trenchless lining technology that allows for the rehabilitation of the existing pipe without having to dig up city streets, or in this case, The Jacksonville Landing’s walkways and courtyard. This technology also greatly reduces the amount of time it would take to complete a similar project using traditional construction methods.

This construction work did not impact the day to day operations of The Jacksonville Landing, its businesses, and its surface parking area. Learn more about The Jacksonville Landing and the many different Downtown Jacksonville Parking options.

Temporary Closures: Landing Parking 

The Jacksonville Landing Parking area is open for customer parking. A small portion of The Jacksonville Landing parking area will remain closed until final restoration and de-mobilization is complete.

Riverwalk Pedestrian Detour Route

The North bank Riverwalk was reopened as of March 1, 2016. 

Boat Docks and River Taxi Access

The boat docks have been reopened as of March 1, 2016. Any questions regarding future dock closures should be referred to the City of Jacksonville (630-CITY).  The River Taxi has returned to normal operations.

Project Schedule and Construction Activities

  • Close Riverwalk, Installation of ground protection mats and project signage: January 4 - 10
  • Assembly and installation of bypass piping system (described below): January 11 - Early February
  • Close Hogan Street from Water Street to Riverwalk: January 19 
  • Clean existing pipe and install new liner (described below): Mid/Late February 
  • Removal of bypass piping system and ground protection mats: Late February/Early March
  • Open Riverwalk, Hogan St & Jacksonville Landing parking area, Site Restoration: Early March 2016  

Installation of Sewer Bypass Line

In order to complete the lining process, JEA had to remove the contents of the pipe (sewage) while the old pipe was cleaned and the new pipe lining was installed. To do this, JEA was required to install a temporary, above ground by-pass piping system to divert the gravity sewer during the lining process. This enclosed piping system included a 24-inch fused pipe that was constructed and run along the Northbank Riverwalk in front of The Jacksonville Landing from Hogan Street to a manhole located in the Jacksonville Landing parking lot. JEA installed temporary mats to protect the decorative bricks along the Riverwalk.

Pipe Lining Process

To learn more about the pipe lining process, check out our video below:

Project Highlights

  • The original sewer line was constructed by the City of Jacksonville in the early 1970’s.
  • The existing pipe carries almost 4.5 million gallons of effluent per day.
  • The existing pipe runs east to west directly under the walkway between the buildings, courtyard and adjacent to the fountain at The Jacksonville Landing.
  • The actual lining process will take less than 1 week. The majority of the project timeline is required for preparation, pipe cleaning, and bypass pipe installation/removal.
  • Once this project is completed, the newly rehabilitated pipe is expected to last for at least 20 years or more.