Alachua Water and Sewer Improvement Project

Estimated Dates & Work Schedule

Anticipated Start Date: 2016-12-14
Anticipated End Date: 2017-09-30

This project has been completed. Below is the information provided to customers prior to the project start date. Final completion date does not include restoration of the project area. 


Roads Affected

Alachua Avenue, Bakersfield Drive, Hanson Drive South, Hugh Edwards Drive, Hyde Grove Road, Lucente Drive, Mt. Vernon Drive, Muncie Avenue, Parvin Drive, Wiley Road, Wilson Boulevard

Project Objective

JEA is replacing and upsizing an existing 16‐inch sewer transmission main which has reached the end of its service life. When completed, the new 24‐inch sewer transmission main will create better sewer service reliability and assist with future growth in the area. JEA is also proactively replacing some of the existing water lines within the project limits.

The sewer transmission main installation started at the JEA Alachua Master Pump Station located at 7039 Alachua Avenue and will end at the intersection of Wilson Boulevard and Aldington Drive where it will connect to an existing sewer transmission main. 

Project Update  

The new sanitary sewer force main has been installed and is currently in service. Paving has been performed and this project is considered substantially complete. 

Construction Conditions & Restoration  

Construction will occur in the City’s streets, rights of way and easements. Area residents will be permitted to drive (with caution) through the construction area during pipe installation. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.
Restoration of the project area will begin after the water and sewer lines have been tested and cleared for use. Upon completion of the project, any existing pavement, concrete (sidewalks & driveways), grass, landscaping, or irrigation impacted during construction will be returned to its pre‐construction condition.

Connecting to the New Sewer Line  

Sewer force mains are necessary when gravity flow is not sufficient to move sewage through a gravity line. These mains move large amounts of wastewater under pressure by using pumps and are not designed to have residential customers and small businesses connect to them as you would with a gravity sewer main which is used for more localized sewer collection. There are no current plans to install a new gravity sewer collection system in areas that are not already served by JEA sewer service.