My JEA Utility Tracker Video Transcript

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Meet the Smiths. They like saving money. On food. On clothing. On everything. That’s why the Smiths use MY JEA Utility Tracker, on online tool that helps them understand how they can save on their JEA Bill.

The Smiths log in to their account on to see their bill highlights and daily usage graph.

But the Smiths like more. So they click on the blue rectangle in the upper left that says “Track My Usage, Lower My Bill.”

This gives them more free online tools to track their utility use. The Smiths believe that by tracking their consumption, they’ll get the most for their money.

Now they can get their bill history, a graph that combines consumption and temperature… and alerts to tell them when they’ve hit a certain consumption level. They can also see how their home’s consumption and energy use compares to similar homes in Northeast Florida.


Mr. Smith hates it when his usage is higher than others.

The first time the Smiths clicked on “Track My Usage, Lower My Bill,” they entered basic information about their home - square footage, number of rooms, number of toilets. This ensures the Tracker will return appropriate savings recommendations for the Smith’s house.

They also chose a savings goal that fits their lifestyle. The Smiths are Family Savers.

Finally, the Smiths like to check the Tracker’s bill-to-date estimate so they have a good idea how much they owe.


The Smiths are big fans of the My JEA Utility Tracker. They think you should be too.