Lawn Irrigation Systems

Inground irrigation systems may utilize various sources of water.  Each water source presents a different level of risk to the public water supply and has corresponding backflow preventer requirements 

In-ground Irrigation Water Source Backflow Preventer Required Backflow Preventer Installation
Residential Water Service (potable water)
Double Check or Reduced Pressure* 
Residential Water Service line or before irrigation system
Residential Irrigation Service (potable water)
Double Check or Reduced Pressure* 
Residential Irrigation Service line
Residential Reclaimed Water Service
Double Check or Reduced Pressure*   Residential Water Service line  
Surface Water (well, pond, other non-potable)
Reduced Pressure  Residential Water Service line  

If your system requires repairs or replacement, contact one of JEA's preferred backflow prevention vendors for an estimate.

*DCVA is allowed if the irrigation service was installed prior to May, 2014.  Irrigation services installed May, 2014 and after require RP backflow preventers.

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