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Storm Safety

Storm Safety

2015-2016 Emergency Preparedness Guide  

Storm Season: June 1 - November 30

Hurricanes and tropical storms generally can be tracked days ahead of impact, providing ample time to prepare. However, these storms can quickly change direction, speed, and intensity. Make a plan to protect the people and things you value.

If a major storm causes an outage that affects your home or business, we will respond as soon as possible to restore your services. Please become familiar with the Emergency Preparedness Guide, published by the Duval County Emergency Management Division.

Update Your Information

Make sure we have your latest phone number (cellphone and land line) as well as an email address on file, as we’ll be communicating with customers through these channels.

Social Media

Follow JEA on your preferred social network for updates on the storm status, restoration efforts, and more.

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JEA is Prepared

At JEA, we want our systems to stand up to strong hurricanes or tornadoes, so we're investing $17 million over the next three years to further harden our electric system.

We also believe in the power of community. That’s why we have mutual aid agreements with utilities in Florida and Georgia to help work together to restore power after damaging storms.