Solar Concierge Program


With the growing popularity of solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar battery storage installations, JEA offers a Solar Concierge Program for our customers.

Through this program, our goal is to give you all the resources and information you need to make a fully informed decision before the purchase and installation of a rooftop solar PV system. We also want to help connect you to reputable, local solar contractors, to help you avoid potential issues such as faulty installations, overstated payback, or misleading claims regarding potential energy savings.


Is Solar Right For You?

There are several factors to consider before installing a Solar PV System on your home’s rooftop. When making your decision, be sure to evaluate the following:

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In Jacksonville, optimal conditions for rooftop solar panels include homes that are southern-facing and free from shade created by trees, buildings, or even other parts of your home. Your installer’s estimate should indicate how much energy your specific system is expected to produce and the economic value of that energy. 

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If you are considering mounting solar panels to your roof, be sure it will hold up as long as the panels, which are designed to last more than 20 years. Removing and reattaching solar panels from a rooftop can be expensive. Make any needed roof repairs prior to purchasing a solar PV system. Another factor to consider is the size of your roof. While a solar PV system can be sized to fit both the roof space available and your budget, it may not satisfy all your home’s energy needs. 

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Purchasing a solar PV system is a significant investment. Before purchasing a solar PV system, consider how long you plan to stay in your home or business, and whether the number of occupants and/or daily schedules will change soon. If you plan to move within the next five years, you may want to reconsider making a purchase.


Solar Concierge Tools & Benefits

We'll connect you with everything you need to know about contractors, costs and connection to the grid to help you make the decision that's right for you.

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