Enroll in AutoPay

Automatic payments will help you pay your bill on time, every time. We still read your meter, calculate your bill, and send you a bill each month. The only difference is that JEA will automatically withdraw your balance due from your bank account so that you don’t have to! 

Enroll in AutoPay

  • Your account must not have an outstanding balance or be in a payment extension plan. 
  • All residential and commercial customers are eligible to enroll.
AutoPay + JEA MyBudget
JEA MyBudget allows you to pay about the same amount for your utility bill every month. Together, these options allow you to know how much will be deducted from your bank account every month.
To find out what your monthly payment could be, visit Account Options in your jea.com account.

How AutoPay Works

AutoPay will begin on your next billing cycle after you sign up, so please be sure to pay any account balance currently due by its Due Date. Your one-time authorization will continue to allow JEA to automatically withdraw your Balance Due from your bank account each month.

Once your bill is calculated, your Balance Due will be scheduled to withdraw from your account on the Due Date. When we prepare your bill, your Account Balance will reflect the payment has been made, although it will not withdraw from your bank account until the bill's Due Date. 

When you receive your bill, it will look slightly different. Instead of “Please Pay By,” we’ll show the date on which we will process your payment.

You can always update your bank information for AutoPay within your jea.com online account.

Example of AutoPay Bill