After the Storm

JEA maintains a comprehensive emergency plan that utilizes our highly skilled workforce, and many additional resources, to restore electric, water and sewer service.   

In the case of a major outage, it may be days or even weeks before all power is restored. However, JEA has mutual aid agreements in place with other electric utilities around the southeast, and private companies that perform utility construction and tree clearing. These extra crews would provide assistance to help restore power as quickly and safely as possible. 
Learn About Mutual Aid Agreements

Hurricane Hermine Restoration

JEA crews worked around the clock to restore power after Hurricane Hermine.

If You See Downed Power Lines

Please call 911 immediately to report a downed electric line. Stay away from all downed power lines because they may be energized. If you get close enough to an energized power line you can be electrocuted - even without actually touching the wire. The City of Jacksonville's Department of Public Works is responsible for removing trees, limbs and other debris from the roadways. To report this, contact COJ at (904) 630-2489.

Flooding and Your Electrical Connections

Consult a private electrician to determine if it is safe to restore power to your home. If rising waters approached your home, but just missed coming inside, you may need to have an air conditioning contractor check your heating and cooling system. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner typically sits on the ground, lower than the home, so rising water may have gotten into the electrical connections and wiring of the compressor unit control panel.

Spoiled Food During a Storm

Hurricanes are considered an act of nature, therefore JEA is not responsible for spoilage. JEA encourages customers to buy canned goods, not perishable items, and keep food stored in freezers to a minimum during hurricane season.

According to the American Red Cross, food can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to two days without electricity, and even longer in the freezer. However, they also recommend using the food in the refrigerator first as the frozen food will be safe longer. Freezing and storing water in clean containers to leave in the refrigerator before the storm hits can also help your food stay cool. It's best to have plenty of non-perishable food on hand to get you through post-hurricane recovery. Of course, don't open the refrigerator/freezer door any more than necessary.

Once Power is Restored

If your power is on, JEA encourages you to keep your front porch/flood light on - day and night - which will help our assessment teams further focus their attention on homes and facilities where power still needs to be restored.

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