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If you already have a jea.com account, you can report your outage and receive updates when your issue has been fixed.
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Streetlight Outages

Help keep our neighborhoods safe by reporting streetlights out. If you would like to request a new streetlight installation (not a repair) in your neighborhood, please contact the City of Jacksonville at 630-CITY (2489) or COJ.net for more information.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you aren't sure how to submit an outage or service issue, follow our step-by-step guide.
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Environmental Incidents

Learn about any sanitary sewer overflows that are reported to federal, state, or local agencies, as well as other events that do not meet reportable pollution release requirements.
Environmental Incident Reporting

Planned Electric Outages

These outages usually occur when JEA or our contractors are working on a project to upgrade or improve the electric service to your neighborhood. While outages are never convenient, they are sometimes necessary for us to complete our work safely. We will notify you 24-48 hours in advance of any planned electric outages.
Learn More About Planned JEA Projects

To lessen the impact of planned electric outages, please follow these helpful tips:

  • To prevent loss of data or damage to your equipment, be sure to shut off or disconnect computers, fax machines or other sensitive equipment before the outage begins.
  • This outage may affect your alarm system and/or phone system. Please contact your provider.
  • Make preparations to override or manually operate your garage and/or security gates. 
  • Keep your refrigerator or freezer closed to help maintain temperatures in these appliances. 
  • Remember to reset any clocks in your home or business that do not run on battery back-up.

Storm Preparation Tip

Make sure your JEA account information is up to date so we can reach you with power restoration updates.

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