JEA SolarSmart: Demonstrate Your Commitment to Solar Energy


JEA SolarSmart gives all JEA’s residential and small- to medium- sized commercial customers an option to benefit from solar energy without having solar panels. Customers can have 100% of their energy come from JEA's local solar farms.

JEA Solar Farm

Benefits of JEA SolarSmart

JEA SolarSmart is a quick and easy way to receive solar energy. 

  • No upfront installation costs nor future maintenance costs.
  • No additional costs from the increase in property and liability insurance premiums.
  • No roof needed. Perfect option for renters and home/business owners who cannot or do not wish to install solar.
  • Moves with you when you move to your new home or office.
  • Begin benefiting from solar energy as soon as your next bill.

Ready to Enroll for JEA SolarSmart?

Enroll in JEA SolarSmart using our online form*.

Enroll in JEA SolarSmart

*Customers participating in JEA MyWay, the Flex Pricing Pilot, with active payment plans or payment arrangements, or at an address with a private solar system cannot enroll in SolarSmart.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Closed Title:How does JEA SolarSmart work?
Open Text:
  • JEA SolarSmart offers you an option to benefit from solar energy without having solar panels.
  • You can choose to receive any portion or all your energy, from 1% to 100%, from JEA SolarSmart.
  • All solar energy for JEA SolarSmart comes from JEA solar farms installed throughout the Jacksonville area.
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Closed Title:How much does it cost?
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  • As a JEA SolarSmart customer, you are billed at a JEA SolarSmart Fuel Rate of $0.075 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in lieu of the prevailing variable Fuel Rate as published in the latest JEA Electric Tariff Schedule and as listed here for whatever portion of your monthly usage you chose to allocate to SolarSmart (up to 100%).
  • The energy charges per kWh do not change for SolarSmart.
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    Closed Title:What are the eligibility criteria to participate in JEA SolarSmart?
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    • You must be a JEA electric customer.
    • You are not a participant of JEA MyWay (Prepaid Utilities) and JEA Flex Pricing Pilot.
    • Your account must be in good standing and not currently in a payment arrangement.
    • You do not have a private solar system (rooftop solar) at your home/business address where you wish to participate in JEA SolarSmart.
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    Closed Title:I have more than one JEA electric account. Can I enroll one or multiple of my accounts in JEA SolarSmart?
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    • Yes, you can enroll one or multiple of your JEA electric accounts in JEA SolarSmart.
    • To enroll one of your JEA electric accounts in JEA SolarSmart, simply fill in the account number and address of the property you wish to enroll on the enrollment form.
    • To enroll all of your JEA electric accounts in JEA SolarSmart, you will need to submit a JEA SolarSmart Enrollment Form for each of your properties.
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    Closed Title:Can I change my percent JEA SolarSmart participation?
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    • Yes, the change will be effective starting the next billing period.
    • Complete the JEA SolarSmart Enrollment Form and select your new level of participation (1% - 100%).
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    Closed Title:Can I unenroll from JEA SolarSmart?
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    • You must stay in the program for at least one billing period.
    • After the first bill, you can cancel your JEA SolarSmart subscription at any time. The change will be effective in the next billing cycle as you will be removed only at the end of the current billing cycle.
    • You can cancel your JEA SolarSmart subscription online.
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    Closed Title:I unenrolled from JEA SolarSmart. Will I be able to re-enroll for JEA SolarSmart later?
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    Yes, you can enroll again in JEA SolarSmart at any time.

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    Closed Title:Will solar energy be delivered directly to my home or business?
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    Solar energy produced from JEA solar farms may not be specifically delivered to your home or business. However, JEA does ensure that the solar energy renewable attributes related to your JEA SolarSmart purchase are allocated to you and not otherwise sold.

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