JEA SolarSmart

JEA SolarSmart is now available to residential and commercial customers!

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JEA SolarSmart gives residential and business customers who do not have solar panels an option to benefit from solar energy and to demonstrate their commitment to improving the environment. Customers can allow up to 100% of their energy to come from solar energy generated within JEA’s service territory. 

Who Can Benefit from JEA SolarSmart?

JEA SolarSmart is available to all electric residential and commercial customers. It is a great option for the following customers:

  • Condos
  • Rental properties 
  • Homes/businesses with insufficient sunlight
  • Those who do not wish to install panels at their home or office

How JEA SolarSmart will Affect Your Bill

JEA SolarSmart will be billed “at cost” to customers, which is how we bill for the fuel used to generate electricity. The pricing for JEA SolarSmart will be higher than JEA’s Fuel Charge due to JEA's higher cost of solar energy. Depending on your JEA SolarSmart selection, you will receive a Fuel Charge refund for your percentage of solar energy and will be charged for your percentage of JEA SolarSmart energy.  

Below is an example of how a JEA SolarSmart charge will appear on your bill. Billing amounts are based off of the customer using 1,000 kWh and electing 50% of their energy to come from JEA SolarSmart. 

Example of SolarSmart Bill Charges
Charges   Standard Bill SolarSmart Bill
Basic Monthly Charge $5.50 $5.50
Energy Charge ($0.06988 per kWh) $69.88 $69.88
Fuel Cost $32.50 $32.50
JEA SolarSmart Fuel Cost Refund $-16.25
JEA SolarSmart Cost (500 kWh @ $0.075) $37.50
Environmental Charge $0.62 $0.31
City of Jacksonville Franchise Fee $3.26 $3.88
Gross Receipts Tax $2.87 $3.42
Public Service Tax $8.72 $8.81
Total Electric Charges $123.35 $145.55

Sign Up for JEA SolarSmart Today

JEA SolarSmart is now available for residential and commercial customers. There will be limited availability and customers will be signed up on a first come first served basis. If you would like to enroll in JEA SolarSmart, please call 665-6000. 

If you have any questions regarding the JEA SolarSmart program, you can contact us at

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