Battery Incentive Program

JEA offers a rebate to help rooftop solar customers take the next step toward home energy independence: battery storage. The Battery Incentive Program aims to encourage renewable energy adoption by making this technology more affordable for our customers.

Review JEA's Battery Incentive Program Policy (PDF)

Program Highlights

  • Provides $4,000 rebate per home/business on the purchase of a qualified battery storage system.*
  • Rebates amount are subjected to change after first 50 participants.
  • Customers may also be eligible for 30% federal tax credit for their battery storage system (after rebate applied).
  • Only JEA customers with approved renewable generation systems will qualify to receive the rebate.

Download Rebate Application (PDF)

Why a Battery?

Currently, JEA customers with rooftop solar panels must rely on JEA’s electric grid to provide energy when their solar panels don’t produce enough power to meet the home or business’s energy needs. When the solar panels generate more energy than is needed, the excess is sent to JEA. 

When excess energy flows from the customer’s PV system back to the JEA grid, JEA values that energy at the fuel rate.  With the addition of a battery, customers can store the excess energy generated by their solar PV system and draw on it as needed, maintaining the full retail value of that energy. When a solar PV system runs short, customers can draw on their battery’s stored energy, reducing their need to receive electricity from the JEA grid.

*Battery qualifications can be found on the Battery Incentive Rebate Form

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