Electric Vehicle Events and Presentations

Are you planning a corporate or community event? JEA can help. JEA offers EV-focused outreach events for large employers and community groups across Jacksonville at several levels of participation. 

  • Electric Vehicles: Each level will provide JEA representatives who are able to speak about electric vehicles, charging stations, electric vehicle incentives, and bring JEA’s electric vehicle for display. If the location of your event can accommodate multiple vehicles and provides a safe driving environment then JEA can arrange to have local car dealerships on-site to display available electric vehicle models and offer test-drives!
  • Energy Savings and Account Changes: JEA representatives can also be on hand to engage the community in tips for lowering your bill, residential rebate programs to help upgrade your home, lighting and appliance rebates, and to answer any questions regarding your JEA service. Depending on the duration, attendance, and location for your event, a JEA Customer Care representative may be on-site to answer specific questions regarding a customer’s account, make changes to the account, or schedule a free in-home energy assessment. 

If you are interested in discussing JEA’s participation in your next corporate or community event feel free to contact the Electric Drive team today.

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