CFL Disposal

Did you know? Spent residential CFLs collected for recycling are not regulated as a hazardous waste. JEA, the City of Jacksonville and participating Green Partners retailers have partnered to create a convenient system for disposing of spent compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Only CFLs from Duval County residents will be collected. Broken CFLs and any other types of fluorescent lighting (such as tubes) will not be collected.

Vendor  Phone 
Avenues Lighting   
10130 Philips Hwy (904) 262-8113
Batteries Plus Bulbs   
10991 - 56 San Jose Blvd (904) 620-9992
3747 Southside Blvd (904) 886-2800
790 Skymarks Dr Suite 105 (904) 503-9280
13794 Beach Blvd Suite 2 (904) 677-5911
4901 Gate Pkwy (904) 997-7018
Curry Thomas Hardware    
3135 Beach Blvd (904) 398-1650
3907 Baymeadows Rd (904) 737-1687
Ace Hardware   
Hagan's - 12501 San Jose Blvd (904) 268-9597
Proctor's - 5723 University Blvd W (904) 731-1144
Proctor's - 580 Atlantic Blvd (904) 249-5622
USN Mayport Navy Exchange   
2292 Mayport Rd, #150, Jacksonville, FL 32233 (904) 242-3259

How the Partnership Works

Duval County residents can collect their spent CFLs and take them to a participating JEA Green Partner retailer listed above for disposal. JEA’s Green Partner retailers provide the disposal locations, JEA provides transportation to the City of Jacksonville (COJ) Household Hazardous Waste Collection site. The City will then send them to a recycling facility for mercury recovery.  

How to Dispose of Non-Targeted Lights

  • Non-Duval County Residents:  Contact your county or city solid waste program for guidance. 
  • Residential Fluorescent Tubes: There are two options for disposal:
    1. Take tubes to the COJ Household Hazardous Waste Collection site at 2675 Commonwealth Avenue.
    2. Take them to a COJ Household Hazardous Waste Mobile Collection Events
  • Broken CFLs. Much of the mercury in a CFL is in a vapor and is lost to the atmosphere. Place the remnants of the broken bulb in a sealed plastic bag and dispose with household garbage or transport to a household hazardous waste collection site. For guidance on dealing with broken CFLs visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.
  • Commercial Sources of CFLs and Fluorescent Tubes. Commercial bulbs and tubes are not accepted at the COJ Household Hazardous Waste facility and are regulated as a universal waste and subject to Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) rules.
  • Please refer to the Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 62-737 for rules governing the management of spent mercury containing lamps.

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