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Surplus Items For Sale

At JEA's Surplus Center, we sell a broad range of goods that are no longer needed by JEA, all of which are listed below. All items listed below are open to purchase by the public. 

All items are sold "as is, where is", are subject to 7% sales tax, and are final. Accepted methods of payment include cash, cashier’s checks, and money orders. Cash payments are limited to sales under $100.00. We do not accept credit cards.

Public Surplus Sales

The JEA Surplus Center hosts Public Surplus Sales periodically based on stock levels. During these sales we open our doors for the day and allow walk-ins rather than our normal appointment procedure. These sales generally feature a variety of surplus stock consisting mostly of office furniture as well as general office supplies and other goods.

For Inquiries or to Schedule an Appointment

The Surplus Center is located at a secure facility and interested buyers are required to make an appointment. To view or purchase surplus material, please contact us:

*Appointment times may vary based on quantity and size of items purchased as well as available manpower, etc.

Image Name Price Item Number
Wooden Poles Wooden Poles    $1.00/foot JEA101
Large Plastic Bucket
Large Plastic Bucket Liner $5.00  JEA105
Medium Plastic Bucket
Medium Plastic Bucket Liner  $4.00  JEA105 
Small Plastic Bucket
Small Plastic Bucket Liner  $2.00  JEA105 
Rubber Steel Toe Boots
6" Rubber Steel Toe Boots  $5.00  JEA107
Rubber Steel Toe Boots 16
16" Rubber Steel Toe Boots  $20.00 JEA108 
Wood Crossarms Wooden Crossarms
$1.00/foot JEA413
Small Wooden Reels Small Wood Reels $5.00 JEA405
Medium Wooden Reels Medium Wood Reels $10.00 JEA406
Large Wooden Reels Large Wood Reels $15.00 JEA407
Plotter HP Plotter $50.00 JEA416
Fingerless Work Gloves
Fingerless Gloves $5.00 JEA430
Fiberglass Canister
Fiberglass Canister $20.00 JEA447
Oiler Air Compressor Line
Line Oiler for Air Compressors $15.00 JEA448
Grinder Backing Pad
Grinder Backing Pad $3.00 JEA449
HP Photosmart Printer
HP Photosmart Printer $40.00 JEA451
6 inch Backwater Valve
Backwater Valve $35.00 JEA457
Cobra Lighthead 2 Cobra Lighthead 1 Cobra Lighthead  $150.00  JEA461 
Teflon Hose
Teflon Hose  $10.00  JEA466 
Aquatint Print: Attingham in Shropshire
Aquatint Print in Italian Frame
$35.00 JEA470 
The Swing Print: The Swing  $10.00  JEA471 
Woman Reading
Print: Woman Reading  $20.00  JEA472 
Achievement Lithograph
Lithograph: Achievement  $10.00  JEA474 
Pescadero Beach Photo
Photo: Pescadero Beach  $35.00  JEA475 
Vintage Photo
Vintage Photo 1  $5.00  JEA476 
Vintage Photo 2
Vintage Photo 2  $20.00  JEA477 
Country Landscape
Print: Country Landscape  $10.00  JEA478 
Misc Art #1
Misc Art# 1  $5.00 JEA479 
Misc Art #2
Misc Art# 2  $15.00  JEA480 
Misc Art #3
Misc Art# 3  $5.00  JEA481 
Misc Art #5
Misc Art# 5  $10.00  JEA483 
Misc Art #6
Misc Art# 6  $10.00  JEA484 
Floppy Diskettes

Floppy Diskettes

$10.00 JEA485 
8” x 5” Alphabetic Guide Set 8” x 5” Alphabetic Guide Set  $2.00 JEA487 
Mail Sorter
Mail Sorter  $5.00 JEA493 
Assorted Rolling Office Chairs
Assorted Rolling Office Chair  $5.00 JEA500 
Swingline Rubber Finger Tips
Swingline Rubber Finger Tips  $1.00 JEA501 
2 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet
2 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet  $15.00  JEA509 
Misc Art 7
Misc Art# 7  $5.00  JEA515 
Wooden Office Table
Wooden Office Table $10.00  JEA520 
Entryway Organizer
Entryway Organizer  $10.00  JEA521 
4' Wooden Bookcase
4 Foot Wooden Bookcase $5.00 JEA531
Wood Panel Let Table
Wood Panel Leg Table  $10.00  JEA527 
Antique Parson Style Coffee Table
Antique Parsons Style Coffee Table $199.00 JEA543
Cushion Top Mobile Drawer Pedestal
Cushion Top Mobile Drawer Pedestal  $5.00  JEA549 
Round Indoor Wooden Planter
Round Indoor Wooden Planter  $15.00  JEA561 
3FT x 5FT Plexiglass Sheet
36" x 60" Plexiglass Sheet  $30.00  JEA564 
36 Inch Paint Extension Pole
36" Paint Extension Pole 3EA $20.00 JEA565 
72-Inch Paint Extension Pole
72" Paint Extension Pole  4EA $30.00 JEA566 
Atomic Wall Clock Atomic Wall Clock  $5.00  JEA567 
Mercury Filled Lab Thermometer
Mercury Filled Lab Thermometer $10.00 / lot  JEA570
T12 3' Fluorescent Light Bulbs T12 Fluorescent Light Bulbs  $24.00 / case (24) JEA571 
Plastic Storage Case (Closed)
Plastic Storage Case  $5.00  JEA573 
Nibco 1/2-Inch Globe Valves
Nibco 1/2" Globe Valves 27EA  $20.00  JEA574 
Gardner Denver Air Compressor Dryer Front
Gardner Denver Air Compressor Dryer Model RNC35A1C1 $150.00 JEA575 
Flag Abu Dhabi 3X5  Flag - Abu Dhabi 3 x 5 foot $10.00  JEA576 
Flag Antigua/Barbuda 3X5
Flag - Antigua and Barbuda 3 x 5 foot $10.00 JEA579 
Flag Bahrain 3X5
Flag - Bahrain 3 x 5 foot  $10.00 JEA580 
Flag Colorado 5X8
Flag - Colorado 5 x 8 foot $15.00  JEA581 
Flag Egypt 3X5
Flag - Egypt 3 x 5 foot  $10.00  JEA582 
Flag Egypt 5X8
Flag - Egypt 5 x 8 foot  $15.00 JEA583 
Flag France 3X5
Flag - France 3 x 5 foot  $10.00  JEA584 
Flag France 5X8
Flag - France 5 x 8 foot  $15.00  JEA585 
Flag Germany 5X8
Flag - Germany 5 x 8 foot  $15.00  JEA586 
Flag Japan 5X8
Flag - Japan 5 x 8 foot  $15.00  JEA587 
Flag Saudi Arabia 3X5
Flag - Saudi Arabia 3 x 5 foot  $10.00 JEA589 
Flag Saudi Arabia 5X8
Flag -Saudi Arabia 5 x 8 foot  $15.00  JEA590 
Wooden Pallets
Wooden Pallets $2.00  JEA596 

Dewalt Corded 1 ½” Rotary Hammer Drill ADewalt Corded 1 ½” Rotary Hammer Drill B

Dewalt Corded 1 ½” Rotary Hammer Drill
$50.00 JEA597 
Dewalt Corded 1 ½” Rotary Hammer Drill Dewalt Corded 1 ½” Rotary Hammer Drill

$50.00 JEA599 
Milwaukee Cordless Sawzall A56B606131201 A
Milwaukee Cordless V28 Sawzall $30.00 JEA601 
Milwaukee Cordless Hammer Drill A55A505503434 A
Milwaukee Cordless V28 ½” Hammer Drill

Milwaukee Corded ½” Hammer Drill A
Milwaukee Corded ½” Hammer Drill $30.00JEA610 
Porter Cable Corded Hammer Drill A
Porter Cable Corded ½” Hammer Drill
$30.00 JEA615 
Milwaukee Cordless Hammer Drill 27008 A
Milwaukee Cordless V28 ½” Hammer Drill
$25.00 JEA618 
Louisville 12’ Straight Ladder
Louisville 12' Straight Ladder $25.00 / Each JEA620