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Surplus Materials

JEA's Investment Recovery Department facilitates the surplus assets generated by our lines of business. At the surplus center, we sell a broad range of goods that are no longer needed by JEA. For additional information or to schedule an appointment to view and inspect item(s), contact: We are located at:

JEA Westside Service Center
6727 Broadway Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Image Name Price Item Number
Wooden Poles Wooden Poles $1.00/foot JEA101
Large Plastic Bucket Large Plastic Bucket $5.00 JEA105
Medium Plastic Bucket Medium Plastic Bucket $4.00 JEA105
Small Plastic Bucket Small Plastic Bucket $2.00     JEA105
Rubber Steel Toe Boots Rubber 6" Steel Toe Boots $5.00 JEA107
Rubber Steel Toe Boots 16 Rubber 16" Steel Toe Boots $5.00 JEA108
Welding Hand Shields Welding Hand Shields  $2.00 JEA109
3 Drawer Under Desk Cabinet 3 Drawer Under Desk Cabinet $5.00 JEA386
Various Fabric Rolling Office Chairs Various Fabric Rolling Office Chairs $5.00 JEA400
Picture Frame Picture Frame $5.00 JEA401
Drill Bits Drill Bits $.10 JEA371
Sanding Discs Sanding Discs $2.50 JEA372 will be temporarily unavailable for 30 minutes at approximately 12am Friday April 17 due to system maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.