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Surplus Materials

JEA's Investment Recovery Operations (IRO) department manages the surplus assets generated by our lines of business. At the surplus center, we sell a broad range of goods that are no longer needed by JEA. Recovery items include office equipment, hardware and tools, as well as various electronics and a host of other items. All items are sold "as is, where is" and subject to 7% sales tax.  Accepted methods of payment include cash, cashier’s checks, and money orders. Cash payments are limited to sales under $100.00. We do not accept credit cards.

The IRO surplus center is located at:
JEA Westside Service Center 
6727 Broadway Avenue 
Jacksonville, FL 32254

To make inquiries or schedule an appointment to view or purchase surplus material, please contact the IRO team at, or (904) 665-6892. The IRO surplus center is located at a secured facility and interested buyers are required to make an appointment in order to obtain access to the inventory. 

Office hours are weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and general appointment hours are weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Appointment times may vary based on quantity and size of items purchased as well as available manpower, etc.

Image Name Price Item Number
Wooden Poles Wooden Poles $1.00/foot JEA101
Large Plastic Bucket
Large Plastic Bucket Liner$5.00 JEA105
Medium Plastic Bucket
Medium Plastic Bucket Liner $4.00 JEA105 
Small Plastic Bucket
Small Plastic Bucket Liner $2.00 JEA105 
Rubber Steel Toe Boots
6" Rubber Steel Toe Boots $5.00 JEA107
Rubber Steel Toe Boots 16
16" Rubber Steel Toe Boots $5.00 JEA108 
Welding Hand Shields
Handheld Welding Shield $2.00 JEA109 
Picture Frame
Picture Frames $5.00JEA401 
Wood Crossarms Wooden Crossarms
$1.00/foot JEA413
Gray Wooden Bookcase Gray Wood Bookshelf $20.00 JEA403
Small Wooden Reels Small Wood Reels $5.00 JEA405
Medium Wooden Reels Medium Wood Reels $10.00 JEA406
Large Wooden Reels Large Wood Reels $15.00 JEA407
Sandblasting Cabinet Sandblasting Cabinet $500.00 JEA414
Plotter HP Plotter $100.00 JEA416
Jigsaw Blades Jigsaw Blades $10.00 JEA424
Recipro Saw Blades Reciprocating Saw Blades $10.00 JEA425
Plastic Tote Plastic Tote $10.00 JEA426
Wood Side Table Wood Side Table $25.00 JEA428
Fingerless Work Gloves
Fingerless Gloves $5.00 JEA430
Wood Stand
Wood Stand $5.00 JEA434
Artificial Plant
Artificial Plant $15.00 JEA437
8 Drawer Tool Cabinet
8 Drawer Tool Cabinet
14 Drawer Tool Cabinet

14 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Hobart WelderHobart Welder$250.00JEA441
50 Gallon Tank
50 Gallon Fuel Tank$100.00JEA444
Wire Wheel Brush
Wire Wheel Brush$10.00JEA445 
Fiberglass Canister
Fiberglass Canister$25.00JEA447
Oiler Air Compressor Line
Line Oiler for Air Compressors$20.00JEA448
Grinder Backing Pad
Grinder Backing Pad$3.00JEA449
Hammer Handle
Hammer Handle$2.00JEA450
HP Photosmart Printer
HP Photosmart Printer$50.00JEA451
Casio Calculator
Casio Calculator$10.00JEA454
Sony 27 inch TV
Sony TV$20.00JEA455
6 inch Backwater Valve
Backwater Valve$50.00JEA457
Lawn Edging
Lawn Edging $20.00 JEA458 
Liftmaster Slide Gate Opener
Slide Gate Opener $2,000.00 JEA459 
Pipe Repair Roll
Pipe Repair Roll $5.00 JEA460 
Cobra Lighthead 2Cobra Lighthead 1Cobra Lighthead $150.00 JEA461 
Decorative Lighthead
Decorative Lighthead $250.00 JEA462 
Light Fixture 1Light Fixture 2
Outside Light Fixture$40.00 JEA463 
Steel Outlet Box
Steel Outlet Box $1.00JEA464 
Steel Wool
Steel Wool$1.00JEA465 
Teflon Hose
Teflon Hose $10.00 JEA466 
Air Filter 2Air Filter 1
Air Filters $3.00JEA467 
Aquatint Print: Attingham in Shropshire
Aquatint Print in Italian Frame
The SwingPrint: The Swing $5.00 JEA471 
Woman Reading
Print: Woman Reading $25.00 JEA472 
Achievement Lithograph
Lithograph: Achievement $15.00 JEA474 
Pescadero Beach Photo
Photo: Pescadero Beach $50.00 JEA475 
Vintage Photo
Vintage Photo 1 $5.00 JEA476 
Vintage Photo 2
Vintage Photo 2 $25.00 JEA477 
Country Landscape
Print: Country Landscape $15.00 JEA478 
Misc Art #1
Misc Art# 1 $5.00JEA479 
Misc Art #2
Misc Art# 2 $25.00 JEA480 
Misc Art #3
Misc Art# 3 $10.00 JEA481 
Misc Art #4
Misc Art# 4 $40.00 JEA482 
Misc Art #5
Misc Art# 5 $20.00 JEA483 
Misc Art #6
Misc Art# 6 $20.00 JEA484 
Floppy Diskettes

Floppy Diskettes

5 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet
5 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet
8” x 5” Alphabetic Guide Set8” x 5” Alphabetic Guide Set $2.00JEA487 
Legal Size Accordion File
Legal Size Accordion File
Coffee & End Table Set
Coffee & End Table Set
Desk OrganizerDesk Organizer $2.00JEA490 
Fabric Stacking Chairs
Fabric Stacking Chairs $5.00JEA491 
Legal Size Pouch File
Legal Size Expanding Wallet $2.00JEA492 
Mail Sorter
Mail Sorter $5.00JEA493 
Maxell UR60 Normal Bias Cassette Tape
Blank Cassette Tapes $10.00JEA494 
5’ Metal Bookcase
5’ Metal Bookcases $30.00JEA495 
Assorted Fabric Office Chair
Assorted Fabric Office Chair $10.00JEA496 
Oxford 4” x 6” Index Card Box
Oxford 4” x 6” Index Card Box $2.00JEA498 
Rolling Adjustable Stool
Rolling Adjustable Stool $10.00JEA499 
Assorted Rolling Office Chairs
Assorted Rolling Office Chair $5.00JEA500 
Swingline Rubber Finger Tips
Swingline Rubber Finger Tips $1.00JEA501 
Stacking Letter Tray
Stacking Letter Tray
32” x 42” Permalon 210 Ply Bag with Grommets
32” x 42” Permalon 210 Ply Bag with Grommets
48” x 38” Permalon 210 Ply Bag with Grommets
48” x 38” Permalon 210 Ply Bag with Grommets $100.00 JEA505 
100” x 100” x 60” Permalon 210 Ply Bag with Grommets
100” x 100” x 60” Permalon 210 Ply Bag with Grommets
2 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet2 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet $15.00JEA507
4 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet
4 Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet $20.00 JEA508 
2 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet
2 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet $15.00 JEA509 
3 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet
3 Drawer Lateral Filing Cabinet $18.00 JEA510 
72 x 30 Folding Table
72" x 30" Folding Table$15.00JEA511
Rolling Computer Table
Rolling Computer Table$10.00 JEA513 
Rolling Storage Cabinet
Rolling Storage Cabinet $10.00 JEA514 
Misc Art 7
Misc Art# 7 $5.00 JEA515 
Misc Art 8
Misc Art# 8 $100.00 JEA516 
Wooden Panel Leg Desk
Wooden Panel Leg Desk$25.00JEA517 
20 Pocket Steel Wall File
20 Pocket Steel Wall File $20.00 JEA518 
Wooden Office Table
Wooden Office Table$25.00 JEA520 
Entryway Organizer
Entryway Organizer $20.00 JEA521 
8 Section Cubby Hole Storage
8 Section Cubby Hole Storage$15.00 JEA522 
Wood Conference Room Cabinet OpenWood Conference Room Cabinet Closed
Wooden Conference Room Cabinet Dry-Erase/Fabric Tack Board $20.00 JEA523 
Wood Panel Leg Computer Table
Wood Panel Leg Computer Table$20.00 JEA526 
Wood Panel Let Table
Wood Panel Leg Table $15.00 JEA527 
Floor Lectern
Floor Lectern $20.00JEA528 
Stick Leg Table
Stick Leg Table $25.00 JEA530 
4' Wooden Bookcase
4 Foot Wooden Bookcase$20.00JEA531
8' Wooden Bookcase
8 Foot Wooden Bookcase$25.00JEA532
Counter Cabinet Closed
Counter Cabinet$25.00JEA533
Metal Counter Height Storage Cabinet Closed
Metal Counter Height Storage Cabinet$20.00JEA534
Metal Rolling Storage Cabinet Open
Metal Rolling Storage Cabinet$10.00JEA535
41-inch Metal Bookcase
Metal Bookcase$15.00JEA536
47 1/4 inch Metal Bookcase
Metal Bookcase$18.00JEA537
52 1/2 inch Metal Bookcase
Metal Bookcase$20.00JEA538
29 inch Metal Bookcase
Metal Bookcase$10.00JEA539
55 inch Metal Bookcase
Metal Bookcase$25.00JEA540
42 inch Metal Bookcase
Metal Bookcase$12.00JEA541
Wood Counter Height Storage Cabinet Closed
Wood Counter Height Storage Cabinet$20.00JEA542
Antique Parson Style Coffee Table
Antique Parsons Style Coffee Table$250.00JEA543
Metal Lockers 1
Metal LockersVarious JEA545 will be temporarily unavailable for 30 minutes at approximately 12am Friday April 17 due to system maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.