Pet Friendly Energy Savings Tips

Summer months can be uncomfortable, sometimes even dangerous, for our pets which is why it is important to take precautionary measures to keep them safe from the heat. Many pet owners may find themselves using extra energy to try and keep their pets cool, which isn't usually needed. Follow our tips below to find ways to keep your pet cool while saving energy in your home!

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  • Turn fans off. Animals don’t sweat the way humans do, so running your fan won’t change the temperature of your home or pet. Always remember: Fans cool people, not rooms…or pets!
  • Use a programmable thermostat. Program your thermostat to 78° while you are home and 80° while you are away. Setting it above 80° may make your house too warm for your pet
  • Wash pet fabrics in cold water. Whether it’s your dog’s favorite blanket or his best sweater, wash them in cold water. You’ll use less energy, and he won’t know the difference
  • Keep pets hydrated! Before leaving the house, make sure your pet has plenty of water. Nothing helps with dehydration like water. 
  • Get a cooling body wrap, vest, or mat. These products can keep your pet cool for up to three days!
  • Put reptiles on a schedule. Reptiles have unique heating and lighting needs. Purchase a timer to automatically switch lights and heat lamps on and off. Not only will your pet’s needs be met, but you may also see a difference in your energy costs! 
  • Keep windows and doors covered. Check to see if the area your pet is in has enough shade. Keeping windows and doors covered by blinds and drapes will help keep heat out of your home and your pet cooler.


  • Provide shade and water. Make sure your pet has protection from the sun with nearby shade. Also make sure to have fresh, cold water readily available at all times.
  • Walk pets in the mornings or evenings if possible. The temperature in the mornings and evenings is cooler than the afternoons, which makes walking more comfortable for their paws.
  • Know the correct grooming practices. Grooming is important for your pet, but cutting their hair too short or keeping it too long during the summer could cause sunburn or overheating. Consult your vet for best practices for your pet.
  • Show pets a good time by the poolside. If your pet loves the water, there’s nothing like a quick, cool splash during the summer.
  • Never leave pets in hot cars. This can cause dehydration and other health issues. It is also unsafe to leave your pet alone in a car while it is running, if you need to run errands and your pet cannot join you, drop them off at home first. 

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