Point Meadows Substation Electric Reliability Project

The goal of this construction project is to make the community even better by improving our service and reliability to your neighborhood. Start and Completion dates are subject to change and do not include final restoration of the project area. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Estimated Dates & Work Schedule

Anticipated Start Date: 2016-08-08
Anticipated End Date: 2017-05-31

This project is substantially complete. Below is the information provided to customers prior to the project start date.

Project Objective

The City of Jacksonville is experiencing substantial growth on the Southside near the St. Johns Town Center and the East Beltway I-295 corridor. To keep up with the electric demand and maintain the reliability of our electric system, JEA is continuously investing in projects to upgrade and expand our electrical grid. 

Construction is underway at the new Point Meadows Electric Substation which will be located along an existing transmission line easement just off Point Meadows Drive near Gate Parkway Boulevard. 

When completed, this new substation will substantially improve the reliability of the electrical system in your area as well as reduce the chances of overloading a circuit which can lead to unplanned power outages.

Customers in the area will not experience any electric service interruptions as a result of this construction project.  

Construction Conditions, Substation Design and Area Restoration 

Contractors have already started work to prepare the site for the construction of the substation. This work includes   the removal of several abandoned buildings, trees, shrubs and grass. This particular substation was designed with a smaller footprint than our standard substations in consideration of nearby wetlands.

As part of the project, JEA will fence and landscape outside the substation. The landscape plans include the addition  of 11 cathedral oak trees, 9 bald cypress trees, 8 red maple trees, 10 long leaf pine trees and 2 southern red cedar trees to offset the trees removed for the construction of the station. JEA will install LED “down lighting” that is specifically designed to light the substation and not the surrounding area.  

When completed, the entrance to the substation will be located at 7754 Point Meadows Drive adjacent to an existing detention pond and the Point Meadows Professional Building.

The below map depicts project detail at the site and an overall project map is located to the right.

Check out our progress photos below!

Substation construction as of September 29, 2016: 

Substation completion:

Watch a video about this project!


Future Transmission Line Project & Electrical Feeder Upgrades

JEA will also be constructing additional transmission power lines along the existing corridor that will help serve the new electric substation and surrounding area. We will also be upgrading electrical feeders and installing underground conduit along Gate Parkway and Point Meadows to the entrance of the substation. This work is scheduled to begin in January of 2017.