Landscape Transformation Rebates


Program Overview

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy yard can be expensive and a hassle. Explore all the ways you can save with landscape transformation projects. JEA offers up to $1,000 in rebates to help you get started.

A more Florida-friendly landscape not only can help you save on your utility bills, but it also comes with many extra benefits, including:

  • Reducing the need to use water, fertilizers, and pesticides
  • Attracting more native wildlife, including butterflies and birds
  • Minimizing stormwater runoff and protecting local waterways
  • Freeing up your time by reducing the need for maintenance and yardwork

It’s easy to make the switch and start saving by working with a pre-qualified contractor. Or for do-it-yourself projects, give us a call at 877-278-3418. 

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Program Details

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Closed Title: What rebates are available?
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  • Landscape Transformation: up to $1,000
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Closed Title: What are the eligibility requirements?
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  • Be a JEA residential water customer.
  • Homes using reclaimed water, or water from a well, lake, pond, etc. for irrigation are not eligible for rebate consideration. 
  • Be an owner or property manager authorized as agents of ownership.
  • Have an existing automatic in-ground irrigation system.
  • Have a backflow preventer. If no backflow preventer is installed, it must be installed in conjunction with the landscape transformation project.
  • The landscape must be between 250 - 1,500 sq. feet per home per year. If less than 250 sq. feet, all landscape must be transformed.
  • Premise must not have participated in the program in the last seven (7) years.
  • Maintain a safe environment for program activity. ‘Safe’ is defined by the technician’s judgment and the appropriate GC Environmental Health &Safety requirements.
  • Submit a pre-installation application and a post-installation application. The pre-installation application must be approved before work can begin.
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Closed Title: How do I receive a rebate?
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Working with a pre-qualified contractor

  1. Select a pre-qualified contractor.*
  2. Contractor completes the landscape transformation project.
  3. Rebate is applied to the contractor invoice, reducing your total project cost.

Completing a DIY project

  1. Call 877-278-3418 for guidance.
  2. Submit a pre-installation application online or download the pre-installation application and email completed application to The pre-installation application must be approved before work can begin.
  3. Purchase your landscaping items.
  4. Download post-installation application and email completed application to