Future JEA Water Projects - Galvanized Pipe Replacement

Over the next few months, an engineering firm (ETM, Inc.) working for JEA will be in your neighborhood gathering information for a possible future JEA water improvement project. The information gathered will be used by our engineers to identify existing pipes and locate the public rights of way, existing utilities and to help determine area soil and asphalt conditions.  
In order to verify existing pipe conditions and determine the soil and asphalt conditions, several “soft digs” will be performed throughout your neighborhood. A low impact, minimally invasive vacuum excavation method will be used to complete some of the work. You may notice small areas within the City right of way that have been disturbed during the investigative process.  

Survey marks or flags will identify property, right of way boundaries, bench marks, and physical site conditions (sidewalks, tree locations, etc.). Any paint you may observe is temporary and biodegradeable. Please make every effort to avoid disturbing these markers during the survey period (4-6 weeks). Our contractor may return several times within a period of several months to collect more data.  

More information about this project will be distributed to customers once design is complete and nearing construction. 

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