How to Apply for the Distributed Generation Program

Customers who purchase a renewable generation system for their home or business and wish to connect it to JEA’s power grid must apply for interconnection under the Distributed Generation Policy and follow certain steps to ensure the safety and reliability of the customer and the electric grid.

For More Information About Interconnection:

DER Interconnection Requirements

All parallel operating DER interconnections in the JEA electric service territory shall meet the technical interconnection requirements stated in the Parallel Operations and Interconnection of DER Facilities procedure document.

Please Note

JEA's Interconnection Application platform, PowerClerk, can be accessed via the link below under "Submit Your Application."

Interconnection Agreements are required for customers that move into a home with an existing PV or PV + Battery system in order to receive credit for energy sent back to-the-grid. For systems installed after March 31, 2018 please use the "Move-In Existing System - DG" application form in PowerClerk. For systems installed prior to March 31, 2018 that are grandfathered into JEA's Net-Metering program please use the "Move-In Existing System - NM" application form in PowerClerk.

Prepare For Your Application

Customers who are considering installing a distributed generation system:

Submit Your Application

Go to PowerClerk

Questions Regarding Distributed Generation

If you have any questions regarding JEA's Distributed Generation Policy please contact:



(904) 665-4440

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