Initiation and Planning of a Water and Wastewater Development Project

To ensure that JEA is the service provider and has the capacity available for your project, the JEA Water and Wastewater Planning Department will verify the closest locations for Water and Reclaim Water distribution systems and Wastewater collection systems. 

  1. Service Availability Request: Request a service availability letter to determine whether or not JEA is the correct utility provider for the home or business. The letter will be provided with an expiration date of one (1) year from the written date and will include potential points of connection to JEA’s system and a tracking number (JEA availability number).
  2. As-Built Drawing Request: Request as-builts and other record drawings to verify the existing JEA utilities near and adjacent to the project, when available. Soft digs are strongly recommended prior to construction to verify actual location and depths of utilities. 
  3. Pre-Application Meeting Request: It is strongly recommended that the applicant schedule a pre-application meeting with the JEA Development Group to discuss conceptual water and wastewater requirements for any project other than simple taps. For large (greater than 200 lots), complex, or phased projects, a pre-application meeting shall be mandatory. When making the request, please include the following:
    • JEA Availability Letter
    • Master Utility Plan (if applicable)
    • Preliminary Site Plan/ Utility plan
    • Phasing Plan (if applicable)
    • Any information that may help with the meeting
  4. Permitting: Review the JEA Standards and Section 2.6 of the Design Guidelines. Contact the appropriate permitting agencies (JEA Construction and Industrial Pretreatment (IP), FDEP, FDOT, etc.) to determine which permits are required for the project and how many copies. JEA permits are required in duplicate with original signatures.

County Water/Sewer ( ≤ 12" )
JEA - Manhole or Pump Station
Water/Sewer ( ≥ 12" )
Private - Manhole or Pump Station
Duval JEA's Self Permit FDEP Permit/EQD of COJ
All Other Counties FDEP Permit FDEP Permit

Request A Drawing

As-Built drawings represent the final detailed 'blueprints' as to how infrastructure was installed during construction.

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