Design Phase of a Water and Wastewater Development Project

Once the planning portion of your project has been completed, you are ready to submit plans for review. A JEA Development Plan Reviewer will be assigned to your project to review it for completeness, constructability and conformance with the JEA Design Guidelines and Standards.

Flow Calculation Validation

The total calculated flow should be calculated according to JEA Design Guidelines Section 3.1: Design Flows. The total calculated flow should match the flow requested in the service availability letter.  If the calculated flow is different than what was initially requested, an updated service availability should be requested from All applicable permits should also have the same flow that is shown in the calculation and service availability letter. 

Development Review 

Water/Wastewater Permit Review 

FDOT Permit 

After JEA has approved plans:


Any changes to the plan following final plan approval, prior to or during construction, will require a revision submittal and may require a permit modification.  Refer to JEA Design Guidelines Section 2.4: Revisions, for revision submittal requirements and Guidelines for Permit Requirements and Permit Modifications for permit modification requirements.

Easements & Plats 

Submit requests to the JEA Real Estate group for plat review and/or easement approval. Easements are required when JEA owned and operated utilities are located on private property and give JEA necessary access.  Plats are legal documents that deed land to the city or county and are required on projects that develop a subdivision from raw land and sometimes include easements for utilities as well.  Easements and plats are reviewed by Water/Wastewater Development as well as Electric Development. Refer to JEA Design Guidelines Section 2.19: Utility Easement for requirements.

The Future of Planning and Development

JEA is implementing a cloud-based solution for our water and wastewater planning and development team, eliminating paper plans while maintaining digital files for our records. 

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