Certificate of Completion

Once your project has been completed or partially completed, a Certification of Completion application and as-built drawings must be submitted to JEA Environmental Services. This must be done prior to placing lines into service.

Any project that has any substantial deviations from the permitted construction drawings must have each page of the as-built/record drawings signed and sealed by the overseeing professional engineer for the project.

If there were no substantial deviations, either the professional engineer of record, licensed surveyor, or contractor may sign the drawings. However, they must sign each individual page. You must also include bacteriological test results no more than sixty (60) days old (water releases) and pressure test results (water and force main releases). All bacteriological sample points must be indicated on the drawings.

The Release Package should be submitted to JEA Environmental Services located in the JEA Tower on the 8th floor. Once the as-built drawings have been approved by the JEA Construction Inspector, a release letter will be issued by Environmental Services to the Engineer of Record and the lines can be placed into service. If you would like the release letter faxed to you, please indicate on the transmittal letter. 

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As-Built drawings represent the final detailed 'blueprints' as to how infrastructure was installed during construction.

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