Preliminary Submittal Checklist for Water and Wastewater Development Projects

A complete Preliminary Plan Review Submittal must include items one through seven at a minimum. Final Plan Review Submittal Documents should be signed and sealed and include all applicable items.

Plan Review Checklist(PDF).

Required Information

  1. Current copy of Service Availability
  2. JEA Agent Authorization Form - Original form only, copies are not accepted.                  
  3. Copy of Division of Corporation Report (Sunbiz)
  4. Property Appraiser’s map defining property and property owner
  5. Two 24” x 36” hard copy sets of the complete development plans (Preliminary)
  6. Four 24” x 36” hard copy sets of the complete development plans (Final) 
  7. An electronic PDF copy of the complete plans via email or CD must be sent with all submittals.

JEA Agent Authorization must be signed by the property owner or the Sunbiz Authorized Persons. Any paperwork from the above list that is missing will delay the plan review.

Additional Information as Applicable

  1. Phasing Plan
  2. Connection Pressure Letter
  3. Soil Boring Report for new Subdivision and/or JEA Pump Station
  4. Copy of existing JEA easements
  5. Application to Construct and Dedicate Application original.
  6. FDEP/JEA Permit applications (water and/or sewer) original.
  7. Executed Industrial Waste Pre-treatment Determination Survey

Request A Drawing

As-Built drawings represent the final detailed 'blueprints' as to how infrastructure was installed during construction.

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