Net Metering Program

Solar Panels on House

JEA’s Net Metering Policy for solar systems has been replaced by a new, broader Distributed Generation Policy covering all private power generation systems. All approved systems that passed permit final inspection by March 31, 2018 have been grandfathered under the retired net metering policy for 20 years.
Review JEA’s Retired Net Metering Policy (PDF)

Program Details

  • Customers are charged the same rate that our non-renewable customers are charged for electricity they buy from JEA when their system is not producing enough energy to meet the demand in their home/office.
  • Customers who generate excess electricity and send it to JEA’s power grid will receive an energy credit that will help offset their overall monthly JEA bill. 
  • Any energy credit received will accrue through the calendar year. If at the end of the calendar year there is a remaining balance of energy credits then JEA will pay the customer for the amount of energy credits as specified in the existing Net Metering Policy linked above.
  • The credit dollar amount will be calculated using the retail rate which consists of the fuel cost, conservation and environmental charges.
  • If your system is grandfathered in to the Net Metering Program and you take advantage of JEA’s Battery Incentive, your system will no longer be grandfathered in the Net Metering Program and will be moved to the Distributed Generation Program.
  • If a grandfathered net metering customer sells or rents their home, the new owner or renter will fall under the net metering policy until the grandfathering period has ended.
  • Net Metering customers may not be enrolled in the JEA MyWay program. 

Grandfathered Solar Systems

Customers who purchase or rent a home with an existing grandfathered solar system will fall under the retired net metering policy until the grandfathering period has ended. Submit your net metering interconnection agreement using the contact methods below. 



JEA DSM Coordinator
21 W Church Street – T-12
Jacksonville, FL 32202