Case Study: Refrigeration and Lighting Upgrades

InvestSmart with JEA provides incentives for JEA’s business customers who purchase and install eligible high-efficiency energy conservation measures. 

Saving 307,000 kWh Per Year on Energy

Whole Foods Market, located on San Jose Boulevard in Jacksonville, has been providing the local community with natural and organic groceries and products since 2008. Regional Maintenance and Energy Coordinator, Brian Galvin, considers Whole Food Market’s vision for caring about our communities and our environment a priority.

Until recent upgrades were performed to lighting fixtures and refrigeration cases in the Jacksonville store, Brian was aware not only of the great opportunity to save energy but also about issues with customer and employee comfort. “Addressing the energy inefficiency issue was the original goal,” notes Brian, “but the fact that people were walking by the refrigeration cases huddling their arms to stay warm was also a big concern.”

While Brian was researching solutions to the Jacksonville store’s issues, he became aware of the InvestSmart with JEA Program and the potential energy efficiency and cost savings opportunities. Compared to conventional lights, LED lights use less energy, have a greater life span and reduce heat transfer into refrigerated cases. Additionally, refrigerated case doors reduce energy consumption by preventing heat transfer from ambient air into the low temperature cases. The potential energy efficiency and cost savings opportunities convinced Brian to InvestSmart with JEA through a custom project that included lighting and refrigeration equipment upgrades.

Installation Contractors Remis America and Eclipse LED Linear Fixtures performed the upgrades, replacing T-8 lights with LED lights and installing case doors on 166 feet of refrigeration cases. They also advised Brian on the InvestSmart with JEA program and assisted him through the rebate process.

Project Whole Foods Market
Customer Brian Galvin
Installation Contractor Remis America / Eclipse Linear Fixtures
Measures Lighting and Refrigeration
Annual Energy Savings 307,000 kWh/year
Rebate Amount $30,680

The Results: 307,000 kWh Per Year in Energy Savings

The custom lighting and controls upgrades will result in a total estimated energy savings of 307,000 kilowatt-hours per year. The project was also eligible for a rebate of $30,680.

“Most importantly,” Brian says, “the temperature in that aisle used to be 55 degrees, but the day after the upgrades were made it was a much more comfortable 71 degrees. The customers and staff were no longer huddling to stay warm, and people were spending more time in the store. It was a win-win situation all the way around. In fact, we have three additional stores that are in the process of making the same improvements, because of our great results.”

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