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  • Government Relations

    Government Relations

    JEA’s Government Relations group provides liaison with governmental officials and agencies in developing public policy that affects the operations of JEA and the interests of the communities it serves.

  • Media Relations

    Media Relations

    JEA’s Media Coordinator, Gerri Boyce is available during business hours to answer questions from the media and to arrange interviews with JEA utility experts. Please call (904) 665-5500 or email

  • Investor Relations

    Investor Relations

    Transparency is a key value and a priority at JEA. We want to make our latest financial information readily available to our investors and to our customers. If you have questions or need information that you cannot find here, please contact us.

  • Benefits of Public Power

    Utilities operated by local governments provide communities with reliable, responsive, not-for-profit electric, water and sewer service and are directly accountable to the people they serve.

  • Materials for Sale

    Looking for a deal? Check out our For Sale page, where we list anything from gently used office furniture, byproducts, and real estate we are offering for sale.

  • Real Estate Services

    JEA’s Real Estate Services team is in charge of all the public right of ways that JEA owns, which we use to bring you reliable electric, water and sewer service. will be temporarily unavailable for 30 minutes at approximately 12am Friday April 17 due to system maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience.