H2.0 JEA's Purified Water Program

JEA provides an estimated 357,000 customers with over 120 million gallons of safe, high-quality drinking water every day. And while we have plenty of water right now, a growing population and economy will increase demand in the future.

However, conservation alone will not assure a sustainable supply for generations to come. JEA is ensuring a sustainable water supply for generations to come.

The video below illustrates how JEA is ensuring a stable water supply source for generations to come.

Water Supply Today

Virtually all the water JEA supplies to customers comes from a vast underground source called the Floridan aquifer. It is our best and most cost-effective source. However, the aquifer is a finite resource and JEA is approaching the permitted withdrawal limit. Alternate supply is needed in addition to the aquifer to meet the needs of our growing community. 
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Water Supply Options for the Future

There are several possible solutions for ensuring a sustainable water supply in the future. While JEA has already implemented robust conservation initiatives, additional conservation from our customers will be one part of the solution. A second part of the solution is continued expansion of JEA’s large reclaimed water system where reclaimed water is used for irrigation instead of potable water.

The final part of the solution is alternative water supply. While surface water treatment or desalination are options, they both come with high costs, complexity, and environmental impacts. Another option for JEA, known as H2.0, further purifies available reclaimed water to drinking water quality. The purified water can then be used recharge the aquifer. Returning water to its source allows JEA to increase production from the existing wells and water treatment plants.

H2.0 Purification Program

The H2.0 program began in 2016 with pilot testing two industry-leading purification technologies. The research was a corporative effort with the St. Johns River Water Management District, focused on identifying sustainable water resources to support the needs of the State. In 2019, following an extensive evaluation of both technologies, performance and cost, JEA selected the membrane-based purification process for future phases of the program. The membrane-based process consists of membrane filtration followed by reverse osmosis and ultraviolet advanced oxidation.

The next step is a 1 million-gallon-per-day demonstration facility to showcase the ultra-high purity water and cost-effectiveness of the technology, while engaging the public and stakeholders in this process. The demonstration facility includes a visitor education center to host the community for tours and tasting of the water. The initial startup includes conveying reclaimed water into the purification process where the purified water is returned to the reclaimed water system (i.e. it is not used in the potable system). When the purification water meets all Federal and State regulations, it will be used to recharge the aquifer. JEA could then expand the water purification program to meet the region’s future water needs.

The Benefits of H2.0

H2.0 results in numerous benefits to the community and the environment including:

The H2.0 Purified Water Program offers several potential benefits:

  • We will have long-term water supply resiliency and sustainability while protecting the aquifer for future generations.
  • We will continue enjoying safe water produced in a cost-effective manner.
  • We will utilize this alternative supply to increase production capacity as needed to meet community demands.
  • We will continue our commitment to environmental stewarship by maximizing the use of available water resources.
  • We will reduce conveyance of water to the St. Johns River while complying with State Legislation sustainability.
  • We will maximize the use of available water resources while also reducing the unused volume of water conveyed to the St. Johns River (as required by Senate Bill 64 - Elimination of Non-Beneficial Surface Water Discharge).

At JEA, public health and safety is our highest priority. With H2.0, we continue our role as a leader in ensuring a safe, reliable, locally controlled water supply – essential for healthy environments, robust economies and a high quality of life.

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