Strategic Focus and Core Values


At JEA, our vision is to improve lives by accelerating innovation.


Our mission is to provide the best service by becoming the center of our customers' energy and water experience. With our services, you can touch a button and your home gets warmer or cooler. You can turn a faucet handle and clean water comes out for you to drink. And if you flick a handle, waste is gone from your home, never to be seen again. JEA powers community businesses, military facilities, hospitals, schools and houses of worship. We provide essential services to our community that literally make life possible for everyone who lives, works and visits Jacksonville.

We use J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction surveys to measure our success in achieving our vision and mission. There are six primary drivers of customer satisfaction that we focus on for continuous improvement:

  • Power quality and reliability
  • Price
  • Communications
  • Customer service
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Billing and payment options  

Corporate Measures

Our Mission is guided by and evaluated against how we as employees drive four basic Corporate Measures of JEA’s value:

Customer Value

What a customer expects to get in exchange for the price he or she pays

Financial Value

The monetary value and risk profile, both today and tomorrow, of JEA as it relates to the City

Community Impact Value

Improving the quality of life through innovative and cost-effective service offerings, employee volunteerism and ambassadorship, relevant and timely communications, and support of economic development and job growth throughout JEA’s service territory; fostering a collaborative and respectful corporate culture that provides exceptional employee value to equip the JEA team to deliver outstanding service and value to our community

Environmental Value

Ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations

Core Competencies

To yield better and better results of our Corporate Measures, which drive our Mission to demonstrate our Vision, we have to be exceptionally and uniquely good at:

  • Delivering an unparalleled positive customer experience
  • Working together to elevate the entire team
  • Innovating and evolving to match our customers’ needs with market trends

Cultural Values 

JEA's six core values set the bar for how we conduct ourselves at work every day.

  • Safety
  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Growth2
  • Accountability
  • Ideas 

Ethical Behavior and Values

  • We take ethical behavior seriously at JEA.  Our commitment ties directly to our Cultural Values and is supported by our Ethical guidelines.
  • We balance the needs of employees, customers and other stakeholders for the overall good of the company and the community.
  • We are personally accountable and expect the very best from each other.

Our customers or colleagues could suffer financial or physical harm resulting from unethical acts.  You can help prevent these things from happening. 

JEA Ethics Hotline

If you observe unethical behavior at JEA, please call the JEA Ethics Hotline at 1 (800) 805-3569. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and manned by an independent vendor. This ensure callers can be anonymous if that is their desire.    


Giving and receiving gifts in a business setting carries certain ethical implications of which we need to be aware. Soliciting, accepting or providing gifts could be a conflict of interest in the world of work. When it comes to giving and receiving gifts, we are required to follow both the laws and regulations of our State, local and company polices:

Sec. 602.701. - Prohibited receipt of gifts and payments:

Prohibited Gifts. No officer or JEA employee, or any other person on his or her behalf, shall knowingly accept, directly or indirectly, any one gift with a value greater than $100 or an accumulation of gifts in any one calendar year that exceeds $250 from any person or business entity that the officer or employee knows is:

  1. A lobbyist who lobbies the officer's or employee's agency;
  2. Any principal or employer of a lobbyist who lobbies the officer's or employee's agency;
  3. A vendor doing business with the officer's or employee's agency.

For purposes of the $250 annual accumulation of gifts, gifts of food and beverage not exceeding $25 on any given day shall not be included.

JEA employees may not accept business courtesies of any amount when there is an actual or perceived expectation that the donor may want something in return, may be attempting to gain an unfair advantage, or may be trying to influence an employee to do things that might violate laws.

Empowering Our Community

At JEA, community and service go hand in hand. Our employees volunteer their time and serve in several organizations throughout Jacksonville.

Learn how JEA is engaging with our community