Jacksonville Small Emerging Business Program

At JEA, procurement decisions are made on a competitive basis and we’re committed to providing fair and equitable opportunities to all vendors. JEA is an active participant in the City of Jacksonville's (COJ) Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) program, which helps to establish and strengthen relationships with small business owners in our community.  

This program helps to create a contracting environment for local small businesses, in which everyone has an opportunity to participate. There are residency requirements for the owner, as well as personal net worth and annual gross receipt limitations. 

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Seminars for Potential New Vendors and Small Businesses

Please join us for a discussion about business opportunities with JEA, and to learn about JEA's purchasing process.

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JEA Vendors network with other Jacksonville Small Businesses at the 2019 JSEB Procurement Summit.

Annual JSEB Procurement Summit Recap

The Third Annual JSEB Procurement Summit was held virtually on September 15, 2020 with over 80 attendees. The focus this year was on Fiscal Year 2021 Bid Opportunities for JSEB Vendors. The summit also highlighted “The Herron Group” one of our JSEB Vendors who successfully completed a renovation project for the Facilities group.  There were two breakout sessions where the attendees could participate in a panel discussion with our Facilities and Water / Waste Water groups. Each session had a Category Manager, a Senior Buyer, a JEA Project Manager and Prime Vendor. The featured Prime Vendors included:

  • Freedom Landscaping (JSEB)
  • Jacobs
  • Petticoat-Schmitt 

The breakout sessions offered an opportunity for the attendees to network and ask questions to the panelists. Although this year’s Summit was held virtually, it was great opportunity to acquire beneficial information and build new relationships. 

JSEB Mentors

  • Construction & Engineering Services Consultants, Inc. - Steven J. Davis, Owner
  • iTech Resources, Inc. - Eric Nguyen, Owner
  • Complete Services Well Drilling, Inc. - Justin Merritt, Owner

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