CEMI-5 Power Reliability Improvements

CEMI-5 is a software report and metric that stands for Customers Experiencing More Than Five Outages of one minute or more in the past year. The new report has helped us improve on our already unbeatable performance of low extended outage frequency and duration rates. CEMI-5 directs JEA’s engineers and field personnel to the specific addresses of customers who’ve experienced six or more extended outages (of one minute or more) over the last 12 months. 

With this information in hand, we can then send crews into the neighborhood to review and implement a targeted set of electric reliability improvement projects as needed. Depending on each specific location and the problems found, we may trim trees, change poles, replace transformers, upgrade other pole equipment, add new animal guards and/or upgrade the power lines. 

The end result is that the CEMI-5 improvement efforts have worked very well for us and the metric has begun to trend down over time.  In Part because of CEMI-5, JEA was one of only six utilities nationwide to earn the APPA's Reliable Public Power Award, Diamond Designation in FY14 for providing the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service.  This designation lasts for three years when we will apply for it again.

Transformers are also checked carefully during CEMI-5 improvements. Depending on the condition, they could be sold for scrap metal or refurbished. For example, JEA saved $585,000 in FY14 by repairing and rejuventating used transformers and placing them back in service.

In FY16, JEA spent more than $8 million just on CEMI-5 improvements in Jacksonville. During that same period it spent an additional $114 million on overall reliability improvements that included six new substations built or under construction to help improve overall power quality and reliability for customers.

CEMI-5 brings targeted reliability improvements, which can include new animal guards on poles. For example, in FY14, JEA installed 10,814 new animal guards on poles in Jacksonville.