Mission, Vision and Core Values

JEA is a place where each and every employee has a strong commitment to three things: Our Customers, Business Excellence, and Building an Unbeatable Team. 

We take great pride in delivering the highest quality utility services to our customers and we accomplish this by attracting, retaining and developing a competent, motivated and agile workforce.


At JEA, our mission is to energize our community through high-value energy and water solutions. With our services, you can touch a button and your home gets warmer or cooler. You can turn a faucet handle and clean water comes out for you to drink. And if you flick a handle, waste is gone from your home, never to be seen again. JEA powers community businesses, military, hospitals, churches and schools. We provide essential services to our community that literally make life possible for everyone who lives, works and even visits Jacksonville.


Our vision focuses on two things: customers and community. Specifically our vision states that JEA is a premier service provider, valued asset and vital partner in advancing our community.

We use J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction surveys to measure our success in achieving this vision. There are six primary drivers of customer satisfaction that we focus on for continuous improvement:

  • Power quality and reliability
  • Price
  • Communications
  • Customer service
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Billing and payment options 

As we improve the quality of our service in all these areas, we'll add value to the relationship we have with our customers and be recognized as a premier service provider. We'll know we're a valued asset in the community as we earn more loyal customers who are willing to speak on our behalf and advocate for us. Meanwhile, we already know we're a vital partner in advancing this community because the services we provide - electricity, water and wastewater - are the foundation for Jacksonville's economic and social development.

Core Values 

JEA's 5 core values set the bar for how we conduct ourselves at work every day.


Since many of our employees work out in the field in dangerous jobs using dangerous machinery, safety tops our list of core values. Our safety plan is a "Plan for Zero" incidents at JEA - no matter the department. Every employee is expected to adhere to all safety regulations and to be sure their co-workers do, too. No job is so important that it's worth anyone getting hurt. We want everyone to go home the way they came to work.


Providing excellent service to our customers is a constant expectation. But we also value service to our community. We all live and work in this area and most of us are JEA customers. We volunteer with a spirit of service to build community because it's our community, too.


We expect our business to grow. Now more than ever we need to be flexible and adapt to the changing utility industry. We need new lines of business and we need our business to grow as our industry evolves.

We also expect our employees to be life-long learners and we provide the training and individual growth and development here at JEA for them to accomplish this.


This is not to be confused with responsibility. We are all responsible for an activity or process, but accountability is more than that. With accountability, we are each responsible for the activity and the outcome.


Open, honest, fair, and ethical - integrity ties all the other four values together. It's how we act toward our colleagues, our stakeholders and above all our customers.

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