Water Wastewater Maintenance Apprenticeship Program

Men working on water line

Maintenance Mechanics and Installation Servicers' Responsibilities 

  • Operating equipment for construction, maintenance, and preventive maintenance  of water and wastewater pipes
  • Inspecting, installing, maintaining, and repairing utility lines  
  • Laying blocks and bricks
  • Finishing cement work
  • Utilizing hand tools

Required Abilities for Maintenance Mechanics and Installation Servicers 

Physical Ability

  • Must be able to work in the heat and cold  
  • Must be able to work day or night

Mental Ability

  • Must be able to focus


  • Must be available to be on call
  • Must avoid unscheduled leave

Tools Supplied for Maintenance Mechanic and Installation Servicers 

  • Hand tools
  • Personal protective equipment
    • Gloves/sleeves  
    • Safety glasses (prescription)
    • Safety boots
    • Hardhat